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User Info: Ranmaru_Sasuke

12 years ago#1
#___ Thinking in Makai Kingdom ___#

Hello guys, I made this topic to help new players understand more about Makai Kingdom. This is the compilation of some useful advance tricks that have been known by many Makai Kingdom's veterans.
People oftenly asking the same questions every day, so why don't we compile all the tricks into one topic to make it easier for people to search.

I'll try to give credits to the original trick's inventors as far as I know. But if I addressed the credits for the wrong people, please notice me.

Also, most of the informations here are usually useful at near the end of the game and new game+, then there might be spoilers in this topic.
So, let me officially announce this :


Heh..heh..let's start it then. ^.^

#== Reincarnation's Bonus Points ==# --> Credit goes to MK's OSG by DoubleJump Books.

First, you start with 3 bonus points, then in the reincarnation process, you get bonus points according to this formula :

Stored-Stars :
1-20: 1 Point per Star
21-100: 1 Point per 2 Stars
101-500: 1 Point per 5 Stars

500 Stored-Stars = 140 Points

Stored-Levels :
Lv 1-30: 1 Point per 10 Levels (4 Points)
Lv 31-70: 1 Point per 20 Levels (2 Points)
Lv 71-100: 1 Point per 30 Levels (1 Point)
Lv 101-800: 1 Point per 50 Levels (14 Points)
Lv 801-4000: 1 Point per 100 Levels (32 Points)
Lv 4001-10000: 1 Point per 200 Levels (30 Points)
Lv 10001 - 69000: 1 Point per 500 Levels (117 Points)

69000 Stored-Levels = 200 Bonus Points

And if you confine your character into a crowned (equals to 5-stars) item, you'll get extra 5 bonus points, making the maximum bonus points you can get is 348.

In Makai Kingdom, the idea of reincarnation is to get bonus points as many as possible and as fast as possible. Choose whatever combination that you think the most effective way for reincarnation time until you get 500 stored-stars and 69000 stored-levels.
For me, it's easier to get near 500 stored-stars at level 1, then reincarnate over and over at level 1500-2000 after a few food dungeons until i get 69000 stored-levels, then finally reincarnate with a crowned item that has +200% stats.

Of course you couldn't do level 1 reincarnation trick with secret characters, but their stats growth are insane. For them, just reincarnate each time you meet the level requirement to *reincarnate. The first *reincarnation only need 2 level, but as you get higher bonus points you'll need higher level before you can *reincarnate again. Just confine them with an item that has at least 3-stars for each reincarnation, so you can collect some stored-stars while you are collecting stored-levels for them.

For collecting starred-items, your best bet is stage 5-4. There are lots of starred-items which you can easily steal from level 1 enemies there using a few thiefs. And the bonus gauge oftenly give some starred-items too.
Using 5-4, i usually got at least 5 starred-items for each battle.

For reincarnation method, you can only do level 1 reincarnation trick through wishing for buildings (since *reincarnation couldn't be done at level 1). After that, you can choose any method for reincarnate since there is no difference at all for the result, but *reincarnate require less mana and it *will not* subtract 1 star from your stored-stars like many people believe.

And be sure when you do your very final reincarnation (i.e after you get 348 bonus points), confine him/her with a crowned item that have +200% Stats. That way you'll get the highest possible stats.

User Info: Ranmaru_Sasuke

12 years ago#2
#=== Level 1 Reincarnation Trick ===#

Well, the name said it all. You reincarnate at level 1 over and over through wishing for buildings (huts are highly recommended since the mana costs are cheap, only 4 mana). Always reincarnate with starred-items. Then stop the process after you are satisfied with your bonus points.

#=== Food Dungeon Trick ===# --> Credit goes to Crimson Phantom

First, have a character with at least level 100 wish for a new dungeon (don't forget to equip food item in that character's weapon slot before he/she make the wish). This dungeon is a special free dungeon. Unlike any free dungeons, this food dungeon have only 1 floor, 9 enemies (lined up in a neat 3x3 position), and doesn't have any invite restriction. The enemies base level at food dungeon is twice the level of the dungeon maker.

Enter that dungeon, and follow these steps :

1.) Invite facilities (i use warehouse since it can stores up to 12 characters) with 8 high movement characters (i use thiefs) and 4 chefs fully equipped with food items (if you have high TEC food items, 2 chefs are enough).

2.) Now, summon the thiefs out of the facility to OB-ing 8 enemies (meaning that only 1 enemy remain with high level) and put them all in the facility afterward.

3.) Then, summon your main character (make sure he/she has at least 3k ATK or you won't be able to kill the enemy) into position close enough to the enemy so a braveheart spell could hit both your character and the enemy.

4.) Summon your chefs out of the facility, then feed (select items, and click the food twice) both your main character and the enemy with foods until it worths 305 TEC food items each. and put your chefs back into facility afterward.
The chefs will double the effect of food items, meaning you give 610 TEC to both of them. Why? Because their EXP modifier will be increased by the same amount of TEC you feed (in this case you give them +610% EXP).
If you were wondering why it must +610%, here's the theory :
Each character and enemy start with 100% EXP modifier. You can increase it until maximum 900% EXP each. So, 900% * 900% should give you 8100% EXP, right? Wrong! The maximum total combined EXP you can get is only 5000%, which can be achieved by only 710% * 710 (slightly over 5000%). Feeding them more food would just be a waste. Since a character starts with 100% EXP, you need to feed him/her +610 TEC foods in order he/she to get 710% EXP. Do the same with the enemy also.

5.) Summon 5 healers and 2 extra characters. make the healers cast 5 bravehearts (remember, each braveheart must hit both your main character and the enemy, so it will count as combos). Then make those 2 extra characters use any skill on the enemy (just to increase your combo count). But don't select execute yet.

6.) Then, attack the enemy with your main character.

7.) Finally, select execute. This will result in 5 bravehearts and 8-hit combos. 5 bravehearts will double your main character's ATK, and 8-hit combos will multiply the last character's (in this case, your main character's) hit damage nearly 4 times, so you will have enough damage to kill the enemy (after you feed the enemy, his HP will reset back into his original HP before he leveled up due to OB-ing other enemies).

8.) And, you'll gain around 300-500 level after you beat it (depends on the enemy's level compared to your main character's level).

9.) Please note that all of the steps above can be done at the first turn so the enemy won't get a turn.

User Info: Ranmaru_Sasuke

12 years ago#3
#=== 3-4 Box Trick ===# --> Credit goes to Crimson Phantom

This trick is to get huge amount of mana in a few minutes.
You'll probably need 4 mimics each equipped with a Box weapon and 3 Cowboy Hats to get mana fast enough.

Enter stage 3-4, then follow these steps :
1.) Invite the character that you want to give mana.
2.) Invite 4 mimics.
3.) Attack zetta (book) with your mimics a few times. Everything on the map start with 100% mana modifier and every box's skills will increase mana modifier. So, attacking Zetta (book) with box's skill will not only damage everything but also increase mana modifier of everything in the map. Box's 1st skill will give +20% mana, 2nd skill will give +30% mana, and 3rd skill will give +40% mana. You can increase mana modifier up until maximum 900%. But, like EXP modifier, the maximum total combined mana you can get is only 5000% which can be achieved by only 710% * 710%. So, you only need to increase mana modifier up until +610% in order to get 710% mana modifier for everything on the map. Suppose you are attacking with box's 3rd skill, you need to attack Zetta (book) 16 times (610/40), and if you are using 4 mimics then you need to do it for 4 turns (16/4).
4.) Destroy the fortress there using your mana-er character. That fortress will give around 20k mana.

* Side note : Box's damages are INT-based. So that's why mimics are good candidate for holding boxes because not only they have box weapon proficiency but they also have low INT and high RES. You need to level up your mimics a little until they can use box's 3rd skill for 4 times before they run out of SP. I also suggest to equip 3 cowboy hats for every character involved in this trick so they'll have high RES, because they need to survive the mimic's attacks.

With that you can get enough mana to create a few food dungeons to begin hyper-level. If your character already reached level 800, he/she can survive a hut creation process. Now, create 3 level 800 huts using that character. Then do all the steps above with also inviting those 3 huts into the map. Then at the last step destroy the fortress along with those 3 huts, and you'll get massive amount of mana.
After your character reached an even higher level, you can create another 3 higher level huts to get higher mana. I did this trick with 3 level 2000 huts and I get millions of mana in a very few minutes.

#=== 1000 Bonus Gauge Points in Free Dungeons ===# --> Credit goes to XarinthH

As you have probably noticed, sometimes free dungeons will have a floor that doesn't have enough enemies or items to get 1000 points for the bonus gauge but the item you want is on the 10th prize list.
To solve this problem you need one food market and one enemy remain on the map. Throw the enemy into the food market so it becomes enemy's facility. End Turn. At the next turn that enemy will jump out along with one food enemy. Kill the original enemy and choose End Turn. Then another food enemy will jump out from the food market. So there are 2 food enemies in map and now you can begin the process to get 1000 points.

Note : Each food enemy will have points between 0-9.

Process example :
Two pumpkins (lets call them Jack and John) have jumped out from a food market with 5 and 6 points.
Throw John onto Jack, so Jack will hold John as a weapon and their points will be added together. Now Jack will worth 11 (6+5) points, then kill Jack with 8-hit combo to get much higher points (maybe with 7 armor breaks and 1 attack, so you don't accidentally kill it before the 8th hit), and John will remain on the map with still 6 points. End Turn. Another food enemy will jump out from food market, then repeat the process again until you get enough points.
To get 1000 points in the fastest way, always throw the higher points enemy onto the lower points enemy.

User Info: Ranmaru_Sasuke

12 years ago#4
#=== Clone Character ===# --> Credit goes to Kotetsu


This trick is considered to be a big cheating if you use this to beat secret bosses. This trick is meant only for fun.

Also, please follow the instructions *very very carefully* because this trick involve playing with bugs and glitches. If you made one tiny false step and save your game after that, then you screwed up your game forever and there is no way to cure it.

Even if you successfully done this trick, save your game into a different slot for avoiding if any unwanted bugs occur in the future so you can still load your original save data.

Do this at your own risk. You have been warned.


I'll outline it using different classes for each step so that anyone trying this can visually see what is happening, in practice classes don't actually matter.

1. Start with a character you want to clone (I will say he is a male ronin in this case), but you should make sure he has plenty of mana and enough level to * reincarnate.
2. Create an evil carrot and a medic.
3. Use the arrange menu to put these 3 characters as the last in this order: carrot, medic, ronin. For this example, I will assume I have 30 characters total, so the carrot is in slot 28/30, the medic in 29/30 and the ronin 30/30.
4. Toss the medic in a facility (I'll call it a hut from now on). Talk to Zetta book and eliminate the carrot. In the arrange menu the medic is now in slot 28/29 and the ronin in 29/29
5. Pick up the hut and throw it. The game will draw the data from slot 29 because that's what slot the medic was in when put into the facility and it didn't recheck this after eliminating, so it will take the ronin's data for on the map, you will now have two of your ronin on the map.
6. Toss the original ronin into the hut and reincarnate the copy by making a facility or using the *reincarnate, which ever you prefer (but do not confine it yet). Note that at this point the ronin is removed from the arrange list, and all that is left of the 3 is the medic in slot 28 (who at this point cannot be summoned or discharged to the map but can still be used in battle).
7. Throw the hut and the original ronin will pop out.

8. Reincarnate the original by using the *reincarnate command, I don't know why it makes a difference, but it does in step 9.
9. Go to any two confinement items you want, you will see you be able to make both the original and the clone, create the one on top in the menu first and select another class, I will use the rogue.

Here is where things get interesting. I find that if I try this but reincarnate the original by making a facility in step 8 the character will appear as the rogue I selected, I can then make the clone of him into any class I want, but I am left with the side effect that u53r encountered. Here's what happened when I *reincarnated the original character instead:

When confined the item disappears as is normal, but the rogue doesn't appear, or at least its graphics. You can talk to the new rogue, but it doesn't appear. Picking it up will cause it to appear, but it will still have the graphics of the ronin. The data in the top left corner will show you that it is now a lvl 1 rogue and everything in the menus will confirm it, but before you, where the ghost was, is still the sprite of the ronin he was. Even more bizarre, at the bottom left corner of the map (I'm assuming you have the stone place with the pillars at the top, if not adjust accordingly) is another copy of this character and has the correct graphics, he is a rogue.
10. Go ahead and confine the clone, lets say into a Lucky Doll (I named it Dolly, as it was a doll and in honor of the sheep).

User Info: Ranmaru_Sasuke

12 years ago#5
11. So now we have the Lucky Doll clone in slot 30, the original in 29 and the medic in 28. The 3 problems:
A. the character who was invisible is shown as a ronin when that isn't what he is.
B. the medic is still unable to Summon or Discharge at the home map.
C. though the odd character who appeared at the bottom left looks alright, after experimentation one will find that it isn't an ordinary clone of the rogue, moving characters in the arrange menu, whatever is put in slot 29 is what it displays in the upper left hand corner, even though he will still show the rogues graphics on the map. Go ahead and put a witch or a professor in slot 29 and see this effect, then put the rogue (your original) back into 29.

Problem A is solved easily enough, simply discharge and resummon the original and he will now have the graphics of the rogue he is supposed to be.
Problems B and C can be fixed in one fell swoop. Use the Arrange menu to put the medic in slot 29 (the original, now a rogue, will now be in 28 and the lucky doll in 30). Go to the character who appeared at the bottom left and though he will still have the graphics of a rogue, you will see the menu of the medic in the upper left corner of the screen. Toss him into the hut, then toss it to get him out and your medic will be restored, good as new.
The bugs are now cleared away and you have a lucky doll with the same mana and bonus points as the original character, good stuff.

User Info: Ranmaru_Sasuke

12 years ago#6
#=== Best Passive Skills ===#

Below is the list of classes that their last tier can get the best passive skills at level 90 or 100, such as :
ATK+8, TEC+8, JUMP+20, MOVE+20, EXP+80%, MANA+80%, etc.

Swordmaster(Male/Female) - ATK & JUMP
Healer & Medic - SP & RES
Magician & Witch - SP & INT
Thief - MOVE & JUMP
Merchant - MONEY
Archer - RES & TEC
Professor - INT & TEC
Rouge/Berserker - HP & ATK
Commander - TEC & TK.EXP
Carrot - EXP & MANA
Appleseed - INT & RES
Incubus/Vampire - ATK & INT
Muscle Demon/Devil 2 - HP & DEF
Gourmet Olga - HP & EXP
Specter - ATK & INT

#=== Best Equipments ===# --> Credit goes to Pleinair

Below is the list of the highest rank of each equipment. If you see any of these items in the map or bonus gauge, try your best to get them.

Dagger - Revelation
Sword - Genesis
Katana - Divine Wind
Beam Saber - Divine Light
Axe - Armageddon
Frying Pan - God of Cookery
Morningstar - Last Impact
Nunchaku - Dragon Soul
Hammer - Millionaire
Spear - Longinus
Rapier - Eternal Land
Syringes - Love Needle
Fishing Pole - Fisher King
Rifle - Survivor
Flamethrower - God's Wrath
Gatling Gun - Hecatoncheir
Bazooka - Anglomois
Cannon - Pandora's Box
Wrench - Divine Wrench
Shovel - Gaia Shovel
Remote - Divine Remote
Bomb - Big Bang
Drill - Warlord DX
Book - Pnakotic Diary
Staff - Dream Baton
Fan - Kamikaze Fan
Magnet - Magnet V
Drum - Divine Beat
Pie - Heavenly Pie
Balloon - SciFi Balloon
Box - The Box
UFO - UFO Precedent

Robe - Hades Robe
Light Armor - Nirvana
Heavy Armor - Overfiend Armor
Shield - O-Fiend Shield
Cape - Overfiend Cape
Helmet - Overfiend Helm
Hat - Divine Crown
Belt - Champion Belt
Shoe - Artemis Brand
Orb - Overfiend Orb
Ring - Shen Ring
Glasses - Providence
Muscle - Planet Lifter
Charm - Innocence
Treasure - Divine Symbol

*For Vehicles*
Armor - Super Alloy
Ammo - Overfiend Shot
Tank - Cosmos Tank
Engine - Fusion Engine
Barrier - The Last Line
Booster - Mass Driver
OS - G.O.D.
Wheel - Captain Wheel

User Info: Ranmaru_Sasuke

12 years ago#7
#=== How To Get Ultimate Weapons Effectively ===#

You can get Ultimate Weapons at free dungeons with base level 400+. They usually show up at every ten floors of free dungeons. But you don't wanna wasting too much mana for creating many free dungeons just to get 1 ultimate weapon, do you? If that's the case, then follow this step :

1.) Save your game.
2.) Create a free dungeon with base level at least 400+ (I seemed to get a better chance at base level 600+).
3.) Enter that dungeon and blaze through until you reach floor 10.
4.) See if the weapon you want is there. If it's not there, use a diver to reach floor 40.
5.) See if the weapon you want is there. If it's not there, use a diver to reach floor 70.
6.) See if the weapon you want is there. If it's not there, use a diver to reach floor 100.
7.) See if the weapon you want is there. If it's not there, reset your game. Load your previous save data and repeat from step-2.

That way, you won't be wasting your mana for creating a free dungeon that doesn't have any of the weapons you want.


Well then, that's it for now. If any of you have additional informations, tricks or corrections, please post them here.
I wish you all best luck to conquer Makai Kingdom. Ganbatte ne..

User Info: KarmaBeast

12 years ago#8
Very excellent compilation. Now lets just hope people appreciate it and actually read it...
"Mega Man's kinda hard..."

User Info: taiga

12 years ago#9
Ohh, tag.
"I'm a bigger virgin than you!" Is that what you're trying to say Ardus? lol- ReturnOfTheJimmy

User Info: Falconer40

12 years ago#10
I'm starting work on a list of Food items to detail how much HP, SP, TEC they heal. The TEC amount is of course relevant to the Food dungeon trick you detailed.

The foods I have either heal HP & TEC, or SP & TEC.

Whilst it may be ok to feed a HP healing food to the remaining enemy the first time. Any subsequent HP healing foods will indeed bring his HP back up as well. I just did a food dungeon and didnt know what foods healed what and ended up with my enemy having 75% of his original HP again! :(

Also you need to be careful that the leveling character's attack will not move him away from the enemy. I realised too late that I should have tested the distance of the Slash attach for my sword user before settling on his position and casting the bravehearts to hit him and the enemy together.

I guess this also means the method will not work for Katana users (unless their 3rd and 4th skills are closer range perhaps, I dont have them yet) as he wont be close enough for the bravehearts to work.

I'm going to try again with my best Witch and use Magic Boost instead of Braveheart and see how that goes :)

Btw, it took me 3 turns to kill the enemy off (due to his 75% HP, around 11000) but I did gain 310 levels for my Makai Brave :)
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