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Blue Thunder Kuno 10 years ago#181
The other common places for Gencys and Divers is the Happy Dungeons. I think they always have one each.
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User Info: FN_FiveseveN

10 years ago#182
But you only get 3 Happy D's for every New Game+

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User Info: Vulcain666

10 years ago#183
Is there any way at all to get rid of the medic after you clone a char? I got 3-4 medics I can't even eliminate right now..

User Info: rpgrda

10 years ago#184
could anyone explaining to me something? i dont uderstand about:
1. from food trick tips by ranmaru
"1.)Invite facilities (i use warehouse since it can stores up to 12 characters) with 8 high movement characters (i use thiefs) and 4 chefs fully equipped with food items (if you have high TEC food items, 2 chefs are enough)." what is those TEC food?what is this "TEC"?is it the same with "TEC" status("Hit" status in disgaea)?can you give me example(the name of the item)?can we see those TEC point?

2."2.) Now, summon the thiefs out of the facility to OB-ing 8 enemies (meaning that only 1 enemy remain with high level) and put them all in the facility afterward". How can we OB-ing 8 enemies in 1 turn?

which one is better to give levels up, killing 9 enemy with LV 600 or 1 enemy with lv 6000?
is it possible for lv 300 with 6000 ATK kill lv 6000 with 26000(or more, sorry i forgot) DEF?
i cant kill it so i cant finish the food dungeon trick. sob..sob...
does anyone know about the video that explain about the food dungeon trick?you tube or else can be help.
sorry if i haven't read all this topic because its too much, but what about TEC based character like gunner or castile?can this trick work with them? how?
thx before, sorry if im asking too much.
if the question was the same with someone else, could you show me the answer at least with links.
thanks again
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User Info: Ren_Ariane

10 years ago#185
hi im ren! im not new 2ds game but ds my 1st time here n d message board.
now about dt question of urs "rpgrda"
1.ya tec s d hit n disgaea.
2.u can O.B. all 8 n 1 turn.all u need 2 do s sumon a facility w/sprites dt will OB d enemies thn u simply put thm bck.
3.yes it s beter 2 kill a lv6000 than 9 lv 600.cz i tried it my self.it gives more exp.
u can kill an enemy even though ur atack s low.all u need 2 do s use "gamble" status on d enemy,u can do ds using donut atack from d yamazaki vehicle....
u know u should really read allthe threads its quite useful u know....

User Info: alixkingofgames

9 years ago#186
I need help with the food dungen thing i dont quite get the OB-ing part how do the thiefs OB the scrap metals? with morning stars?
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User Info: alixkingofgames

9 years ago#187
forget it I get it now you throw them out ouf bounce how stupid of me lol.

lift then throw can't have anything in the weapon slot.
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User Info: alixkingofgames

9 years ago#188
one last thing when you say food items you mean like omelets and rice balls not pies cause i dont get how to feed characters all i can do i strike with my food

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User Info: alixkingofgames

9 years ago#189
Again i answered my own question you have to click it twice then click use can some one clean up my post please.
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User Info: treyw4154

9 years ago#190
Why i thaught I was the only Makai Kingdom tard(in a good way) I guess not xD. Well these boards seem to be very well organized. By the way nice topic, it'll be extremely happy to newcomers to the game that wish for a more hands on approach of things.

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