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User Info: 9x45mm

9 years ago#1
You remember the Food Dungeon trick? Where you create a food dungeon, try to gamble some of the SMs, OB 8 to boost the level of the last SM before feeding it and your character with 305 TEC of foods each then finally slaying the SM? This trick should boost a level 1 character to about level 900.

This is the basic Food Dungeon trick on 'roids -- you dont want to OB all those SM's and you will end up gaining far more levels (and for up to 10 characters.)

For purposes of simplicity, I have condensed the steps into this new sticky.

What you will NEED for this trick:
*A 9999 level food dungeon
*Up to 10 characters with the +TK.EXP bonus (preferably level 1s with the +80% XP/Mana bonus too) – lets call them the "passengers"
*Yoshi (or SRS) with level enough to zap all 9 SMs in 1 or 2 turns
*3 Academies (any level will do)
*Enough CHEFs to carry all the foods you need (see next item) then load them into the academies.
*Foods with enough TEC to feed 450 TEC to each of the 9 SMs

What is OPTIONAL for this trick:
+Some thieves or characters for O.B. any surviving SM’s (in case you don’t feel confident in killing them all in one strike.)
+Maybe an extra character (preferably an Overlord) – lets call this the non-passenger.
+Extra foods with around 305 TEC to feed your non-passenger (if you opt for this variation)

How to do it:
1.) Create a Lvl 9999 food dungeon
2.) Equip your Chefs with enough food to feed at least 450 TEC to each SM then put them into the academies.
3.) Equip your Yoshi with up to 10 passengers (including the pilot) You can also use the SRS but it will only hold 6 passengers.
4.) Start your LVL 9999 Food dungeon.
5.) Invite the Yoshi (and the optional non-passenger character, if applicable) to the Food dungeon.
6.) Invite an academy and drop them onto the Yoshi & non-passenger (if applicable)
7.) Repeat steps 5 two more times.
8.) Bring your Yoshi into an academy then take it out
9.) If applicable, bring your non-passenger into an academy them take him out.
10.) Take your chefs out and feed each SM with at least 450 TEC worth of foods.
11.) If you have a non-passenger, feed him or her with 305 TEC then also feed 1 SM with only 305 TEC instead of 450 TEC.
12.) If you have a non-passenger, have him attack the SM you fed with 305 TEC. If you are not able to kill it in 1 turn, you may need to add a character who can inflict gamble on the target and use it first.
13.) Move the Yoshi into range and Fusion bomb the 8 or 9 SMs to kingdom come!
14.) Should some of the SMs survive, just take out the thieves and throw the survivors further away on to the edge of the floor. Don’t OB them or you’ll be wasting the foods you fed them and lose the extra levels you could potentially gain. Then just repeat #13 & 14 until you clear the stage.

Tah dah!!! Your LVL 1 passengers will zoom to LVL 1860 after you complete the food dungeon and your non-passenger (probably an Overlord) will hyper level up a few hundred levels if you take the option with a non-passenger. If you repeat this again without reincarnating, the LVL 1860ish should zoom to about LVL 2500+.

After you are satisfied, reincarnate the crew back into LVL 1s and repeat. You’ll get the 69,000 stored levels in no time.

Note -- This is definitely not for everyone yet. If you are fortunate to have the required "ingredients" stated above, this is far better that the normal food dungeon trick. Imagine power levelling 6 to 10 guys -- instead of just 1 or 2 -- and gaining more than twice the levels as the normal food dungeon trick?
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User Info: CohibaBehike

9 years ago#2
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User Info: JusticeZero

9 years ago#3
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9 years ago#4
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