X6 Blaze Heatnix Insects.

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User Info: GameKing59

7 years ago#1
In Mega Man X 6, every time I play Blaze Heatnix's stage, there's these little green insects that will fly rightup to X & just hover in this one spot around X, staying in that proximity to X even if he moves. I can't kill them because they're (apparently) indestructible, they get in the way of my shots, & sometimes when flying into position, they will actually run through X, dealing damage. Does anybody have ANY info on what to do about these insects?

User Info: megamanxfanatic

7 years ago#2
Shoot them a few times and they fly away. If you're using the ultimate armour, then Nova Strike will clear them pretty quickly too.

User Info: Distant_Rainbow

7 years ago#3
Same question was asked on the X6 board, and I answered it a long time ago. Copypasta of my answer there:

They're Nightmare effects from Commander Yammark's stage(Amazon area). If you slash them with your saber or shoot them with your buster, they go away. But if you're truly annoyed to hell and want destroy the pests...

Simple. Use the Yammar Option weapon you got from Commander Yammark. The dragonflies it projects, and the energy blasts they fire, will easily destroy the flies. Of course, this will deplete the Yammar Option's weapon energy, so use it sparingly.

If you just can't stand slashing or shooting the flies, the only other way is to visit another stage and change the Nightmare setting. Specifically, the flies will affect Blaze Heatnix's stage(Magma area) & Shield Sheldon's stage(Laser Institute). To eliminate the flies in Heatnix's stage, visit Metal Shark Player's stage(Recycle Lab). In case of Sheldon's stage, visit Ground Scaravich's stage(Central Museum).
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