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User Info: mariofreak91

8 years ago#1
I have a really bad connection and it d/cs me every 30-40 minutes
How much is pg10FB worth? I am willing to save up for it and buy it
My Ign is Hunter91 of Mari

User Info: mick_lugia

8 years ago#2
i remember a guy seliing that pg 900k O_o

User Info: Lealgamer

8 years ago#3
I've seen it for over 2 million

User Info: vertigoh

8 years ago#4
Fire Ball

* Page 1: 1k or less
* Page 2: 1k or less
* Page 3:
* Page 4: 15k - 20k
* Page 5: 1k or less
* Page 6: 1k - 5k
* Page 7: 1k - 5k
* Page 8: 1k or less
* Page 9: 20k - 25k
* Page 10: 1.8 mil - 2 mil

According to that list which is average prices on mari. May or may not be accurate but it's updated regularly.

User Info: someguy_ZERO

8 years ago#5
I know one of the ppl that got the FB pg for 900k, I was ripping my hair out when the person told me.

You won't see prices like that for a while...

User Info: BigBen138

8 years ago#6
Never pay over a mil for fireball 10. People who would sell it for 1.8-2mil have it confused with AR8 and need to read the page better.

User Info: dragonabc

8 years ago#7
actually fb10 was 1mil then jumped to 2 mil then went down 2 like 1.5mil then went back down to 1 mil

User Info: LaunaBB

8 years ago#8

Price doesn't count if it isn't sold at that price... Max I've seen it going - Sold at price is at is around 1.2M ~ 1.5M.

Unless the buyer was an idiot to pay over 1.5M, FB10 is and has been 1M for the past few months..
I paid roughly 950k for few of mine and that's included tax.

if you're really lucky, I'd say start look for it during extended maintenance.
and if you're a smooth talker, you can probably get the seller to let it go for less than 900k.
expect resistance from other buyers trying the same thing, (tracking this is what helps)
I've seen it go as low as 700k this way... Ask NICELY.
If you check one of those forums, I think someone posted something similar, about someone asking to buy during extended maintance and the seller declined due to the way the buyer asked about it.

and don't rely on those forums for alot of information especially market price, not enough people there to justify an accurate assessment of fluctuations... until Mabi has something similar to emp or basilmarket.. you have to go by experience and research. especially since I believe that the mabiguru was a copy pasta from the market thread on nexon's mabi forum.

Do it the old fashion RO Vend shopping way.

the fact that FB10 is a decay item makes it so the seller is pretty much forced to liquidate it asap.
Most FB10 Pages will have at least 7HRs remaining before it's sold anyways so i'll say on average,
If it's at a 7HR mark and the price is around 1M, and still not sold yet, it'll probably be safe to buy.

My Opinion: if anyone buys it for well over the average price, it's possibly due to several reasons and shouldn't be considered factual data to include for AVERAGE pricing since that is usually an act of desperation since most buyers will only buy 1 FB10... ** Exception is when there is a dry spell of not having FB10 sold by anyone **

Some hints for you to follow.
1) Watch for buyers of FB9 since it's obvious whats next.
2) Watch for buyers of FB10.
3) Watch for sellers of FB10.
Vend Method
4a-1) If on Vend, exactly price 1M or lower - Buy. (if not enough money, haggle)
4a-2) If on Vend, Over norm - More than 7 Hours Left - Ask (Watch Vend - if you have multiple account/PCs even better)
Party Method
4b-1) You watched Buyers of FB9 and FB10 right? Count total of buyers, that's how many people you're betting against.
If buyer total more than 5, I'll add +100k per bid. so expect to pay upward 1.5m

Simple supply and demand,
You have to take into account most people are also expecting to not drop 2M into it,
so if you know more than that many people (demand great) are looking, you have the choice to strike first if you do have to drop 2m.
Know when to hold them and when to fold them.. ^^

If buyer total less than 5, ask as normal. (Also note, if you're able to track your competition's online time and their (actively searching for it) searching time.. you'll have the best estimate.
1:1 on most bids, i've only had at most 3 others bid against me.

It's all about watching the market.
I'm on another FB10 watch and AR8 watch..

Best way to get it?
Join a Guild / Make Friends and do the dungeon to get it...

(gotta love having multiple multiple alts, you're pretty much forced to window shop for each and every single one of them >_>)

again, this post is just my assessment and OPINION of price fluctuations of said item from my own experience is does not reflect actual price or value of item thereof.

and after proofing this post and yeah.. I guess I have no life now.. Ug.. mabi-addicted.


User Info: mariofreak91

8 years ago#9
ur opinion is a good one, LaunaBB
but, i can't do the dungeon bcuz of my connection problem
so i'm forced to buy it, and as of now, i only have 84k so i'm gonna have to save up a lot of gold, any fast ways of earning money that don't require dungeons?
uhh, O look, a Starman! doo-doo-doo, do-do-do,Repeat, lolz

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