Questions about getting money in Alexina

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User Info: SaidPerson

7 years ago#1
Lol i am level 20 and sadly, i have the same armor since i was level 1. The armors in the store are way to expensive for the income i get. But my main issue is getting money. i play in Alexina. Some people gave me this chart to help and i would like to ask some questions:

Do math dungeon and get Fine/Finest leather and sell for 10-12k each. Where is the math dungeon?

Go threw rabbie for former scrolls and sell them (price not mentioned) Where is the rabbie dungeon?
how much should i sell these scrolls for?

Get Enchants and sell for 5k a scroll. Where do i get these Enchants? If in a dungeon which one? where is this dungeon?

Sell Iron Ingots for 1.5k Each or Iron Ores (10) for 3.5k a stack. Where do i mine for these?

User Info: BIadeBIade

7 years ago#2
Try looking stuff up here before asking;

With that being said, Math is east of Dunbarton, and Rabbie is west of it.
The scrolls are not sold, they are traded in to Eavan in Dunbarton in the form of a collection quest; Get ten, then buy her quest for like 30 gold and get 7k as a reward for Skeleton ones, or more for other types, or less for some types.

Alby dungeon frequently drops enchants; It's north of Tir.

Iron Ores can be mined in Barri Dungeon.
Iron Ingots are made of proccessed Iron, you must learn the refining skill, then use a Furnace to change five Iron Ores into one Iron Ingot; Overall, selling ores will get you more money.
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User Info: chengmaster

7 years ago#3
Im in Alexina, whats your person's name?
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