Done with this game.

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User Info: Sh4rkb1t3

6 years ago#1
I just uninstalled it today.

I couldn't tolerate the hackers, who snap 180 degrees and shoot me with the sniper, never missing.

I couldn't tolerate the game crashing hourly.

I couldn't tolerate the unbalanced matches.

I couldn't tolerate the progression system. It's never rewarding since you always feel like you're just tweaking your guy rather than progressing: it's always +5% X, but -10% Y. Or just +20% Z, but Z is only useful in very specific situations. And yet those +X's and -Y's make all the difference in the world, such that the game really isn't based on skill at all. So it's the worst of both worlds: unrewarding feeling, but the outcome of games is almost entirely based on that. They might as well have just given straight up skill points to distribute for level ups.

I couldn't tolerate how you can basically pay to get an advantage in the game. Would have been nicer if you just paid to unlock customizations.

I couldn't tolerate how newbie unfriendly the game is. Nothing is explained at all. The first 20 hours of gameplay are just figuring out how everything works.

The game would be better if they waited a bit before release to fix the technical problems, instead of releasing a "beta" as a marketing tool. It would be better if there was no RPG elements, then the game would actually be based on skill. Could have been better if the interface was more helpful - the tutorials are useless and annoying.

User Info: steker16

6 years ago#2

User Info: Sh4rkb1t3

6 years ago#3
Care to elaborate?

User Info: steker16

6 years ago#4
no, because no matter what i say you and the troll that shall not be named will try to refute with ridiculous BS. besides you already made up your mind, and i dont care if you quit so im not going to explain why over half your post is ridiculous

User Info: mochizuki

6 years ago#5
i lol'd
My proofread skills is are fail.

User Info: ionusX

6 years ago#6

allow me to sing a song for you TC..

they see him trollin,

he hatin

admins yeah they try to to catch him typin dirty..

trying to catch him typin dirt trying to catch him typin dirty!

User Info: MEOWWW123

6 years ago#7

u mad?

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