Credit Card FAQ: The Whys and Hows of SOCOM 3 Verification

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User Info: Phatalphlaw

12 years ago#1
Due to the cluttering of the SOCOM 3 boards with topics of such topic, I have decided to give an attempt of stopping most, if not all, of them. I will get this topic pinned.

What is a Credit Card?
A credit card, for you idiots who have no idea what one is, is a strip of plastic that symbolizes money. When you use a Credit Card, it's basically like asking for a loan; you're using money that doesn't belong to you. You then must pay off the Credit Card with more money than you spent. This is basically a Credit Card in a nutshell.

Why is Zipper asking for our credit cards?
This is a rather well thought up idea to save zipper some lawsuits and some angry letters from disgruntled fans who are ridden by cheating. Zipper is asking for our credit cards for two reasons:
1. Age Verification.

By giving your credit card to Zipper, you are giving Zipper the assumption that you are either:
---A. 18 years of age, and old enough to play SOCOM 3 without the consent of a guardian.
---B. Below the Mature rating's prerequirement, but have the parental consent of a parent or guardian to play this game.

2. Protection from Cheaters.
In SOCOM 3, when a cheater was (rarely) banned, Zipper would ban the IP address and the name. IP addresses are changable through the use of Proxy servers, and names were infinitely made. So, here's the logic behind all of this. If you are caught cheating, Zipper bans not just your IP address and name, but your Credit Card. Since you can only verify one name per Credit Card, that means that you cannot get back on the servers unless you use another Credit Card. This is not a problem, until you run out of cards. It's a simple solution, and can only go so far, but it works. The Verification is more for the first reason than the second, but the second reason does have some validity to it.

Can I play without verifying?
You can, however you are limited to what you can do in the SOCOM 3 world. Autoplay is disabled, which now has a purpose; it actually works. You also do not get a rank, and your player stats are not recorded. Also, you cannot accept or give out friends list invites, and you cannot take part of or start your own clan. But, you can still play in games, so if you are completely against Zipper's Credit Card verification (which I don't see why) then you can still play.

Does it cost anything to play SOCOM 3 online?
No. Nope. Nada. SOCOM 3 is free. When they take your credit card information, it is strictly for verification purposes only. They do not keep a single dollar from your account. Ever.

However, if you see a Dollar deduction from your account, do not worry. Zipper will charge one dollar from your account, but then quickly take it back. This is to make sure that the credit card that you give them actually exists, and is not a made up number.

What do I get out of verifying my account?
Although there are other features that verification enables, it allows you to:
---A. Have a rank.
---B. Use Autoplay
---C. Maintain a friends list
---D. Join or start a clan.
These are four of the main features that SOCOM It is in the SOCOM player's best interest to verify his or her account.

Where do I verify my account?
Once you are online, go to Community. Go to Personal, and choose Verify Account. Enter every single option there as it appears on your Credit Card bill.

How many names can you have per credit card?
One. Only one, so choose your name very wisely. I don't know of a way to change it quite yet, and I don't think I'm going to find one.

Can you use a Debit Card?
Some of them. The big brand-name ones will work, however some will not. You can basically expect that yours will work, but try it out first.

User Info: Phatalphlaw

12 years ago#2
Can you use a Prepaid Credit Card?
Sadly, yes. You can buy a 15 dollar card from the supermarket, or your bank, and then use it for SOCOM's verification. Although this makes it easier for you people to get verified, it also defeats any purpose of cheater protection. If a cheater, who got banned for a good reason, wanted to bypass Zipper's ban, all you have to do is go to the store and spend 15 dollars. It's unfair and stupid in my opinion.

Is my information safe?
Think about it like this: if Zipper knew that they will be stockpiling Credit Card information, don't you think that they would have beefed up Security to a maximum to avoid any future lawsuits? I can safely say that Zipper's security system must be topnotch to perform a stunt like this one, so your credit card information is safe by giving it to them.
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User Info: RoethIisberger

12 years ago#3

User Info: mako496

12 years ago#4

User Info: tylertiano

12 years ago#5
Sticky please!

User Info: smartalecc5

12 years ago#6
nice post hyperdude
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User Info: Black_Hornet_X

12 years ago#7
On behalf of the GFAQs community and staff, I request for a "Sticky". Thank you...
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User Info: TheMuffin

12 years ago#8
A tip. Always use a vise when drilling through PVC tubing...Otherwise it turns into a 40HP spinning tube of doom....DOOM DOOM......DOOOOOM!

User Info: YakuzaSublime

12 years ago#9
En la academia los vamos a lograr

User Info: TheMuffin

12 years ago#10
Security Code
This code can be found by simply flipping your Debit/Credit card over. On the white strip where your name is signed, you will see your normal 16 digit card number. After that there is a 3 digit number. This is your security code.
A tip. Always use a vise when drilling through PVC tubing...Otherwise it turns into a 40HP spinning tube of doom....DOOM DOOM......DOOOOOM!
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