how is it?

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User Info: mrhappyguy12345

5 years ago#1
Figured this board would be a little more lively and not so dead...light(sorry). I'm on the fence after reading some mixed reviews. To anyone who has played it, whats your opinion?
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User Info: MrTurboRob

5 years ago#2
Im thourgh 90% of Act 1 of 3 so far. & I LOVE IT! It feels like a mix between "Shadow Complex & Tell Tales Walking Dead game. Cause its not ALL about killing its got depth to the story (it seems so far) If ur a Zombie, Platforming, Story Telling Fan then u'll Love It! Try the DEMO, see 4ur self. Thats how i got hooked!

User Info: MetaIGearRex

5 years ago#3
It's awesome, I really love it. Id call it a survival platformer. It's kinda like Out of this world, Flashback, or the original 2d Prince of Persia.
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