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User Info: StripedTiger

9 years ago#1
Yes, I bet you are sick of young snake topics, but too bad.

Recently I was inspired to make this topic because some guy decided to spam my youtube video with like 8 comments of questions which he could have easily fit into maybe two. None the less, it gave me the chance to debunk every single one of them. So without further ado...

What is this "Young Snake" I'm hearing about?

During the 2006 Tokyo Game Show, there was a gameplay trailer that was featured. Near the end of the trailer a masked figure appeared. The camera panned down to his feet, then the camo played a sound, then the camera panned back up showing a head that looked like Solid Snake, particularly from MGS2.

Where can I see this trailer? Click the top-left video.

Zomg, I'm confused, is that a new clone, or did snake's age reverse, or is that the real Solid Snake and is the Old Snake Solidus/Big Boss??!?!??1111?

Calm down, I can easily rest your confusion by saying Young Snake is being produced by the OctoCamo mask( The black mask being worn by the figure).


Basically, if you look closely, you can see that neither of Snake's hands, while the camera was panned down, ever reached for the mask. You can use my sexy video as a reference

Seems plausible, but how do you know it's Old Snake and not some other person wearing that mask?

Old Snake's white hair is sticking out of the mask, the figure is also wearing the Solid Eye System, which is designed by Otacon and made specifically for Old Snake. Same with the OctoCamo suit.

Wait a second, what happened to the Solid Eye System? It wasn't on Young Snake, did I debunk your argument?

Yes...I mean no. The OctoCamo suit can add and removed items in close proximity, here is some evidence:

Look at the TGS trailer and go to :38. You can clearly see ripped fabric and wounds. You can also that the vest(which is not part of the OctoCamo suit) with nearly half of it ripped off.

How come Old Snake has wounds on his face too? I didn’t know the OctoCamo suit can reach that high up?

It can’t and you helped me bring up an important topic, but first let me answer the question. Old Snake is wearing the OctoCamo mask when he is pretending to be dead.

Now to the important topic: The OctoCamo suit and mask have Camos that you can select from the menu screen opposed to adapting to your surroundings. There are Four “manual” masks apparent in the trailer: An “Old Snake Camo”, “Young Snake Camo”, "Dead Face Camo", and "Statue Camo".

Wait, what? And what is this “adapt” and “manual” stuff you are talking about?

OctoCamo works in two different ways. The Octocamo can adapt to the surroundings, or you can manually pick what texture you want from the start menu.

I noticed that there was an “Old Snake Camo” when I saw Old Snake pretending to be dead. After the camo turns back to normal from the “Dead Camo”, Old Snake’s face is still there instead of the OctoCamo mask. This implies there is an “Old Snake Camo” as well as a “Young Snake Camo”.

I heard from somewhere that the OctoCamo can only change color and texture.

It’s apparent it’s an extremely advanced piece of technology, since it can give the illusion of adding an entire face, or removing the Solid Eye System, and ripping pieces of Snake’s suit(which you can see at :38).

How is he able to smoke through a mask?

Well, surely the mask will be well ventilated; else he would die of suffocation. So it would be possible to inhale and exhale smoke.

How did he hold the cig in his mouth?

Put your shirt over your mouth and put a cig in your mouth, similar concept.

User Info: StripedTiger

9 years ago#2
But the mask isn’t a shirt…

No, it’s probably more flexible and versatile than a shirt seeing how you can blatantly see facial movement while the mask is on


Here you can see Snake’s forehead move the mask
And here you can see snake smile under the mask.

Also, if the mask can intrude in the eye socket like that, surely it is flexible enough to intrude in his mouth.

If it truly was an illusion of the mask, how does it show a face that blinks, twitches, makes facial movements, etc, if it is just a face texture?

Well, as I said before, this is advanced technology. One can assume that the mask is full of sensors that project the movements of the textures. But hey, I’m not Otacon. I can’t explain how it works, I can only prove that it does work.

How come the bird poop didn’t camouflage on Young Snake’s face?

Well, like I said before, there is and adapt mode, and a Manual mode. Adapt mode isn’t in effect, but the “Young Snake Camo” has been selected manually.

I noticed the person with the mask and Old Snake has different vests, does that debunk your theory?

No, because they don’t have different vests. If you look at :50 and 4:57, you can clearly see they are the same vest.

Then how come the vest is black when he turns into young snake?

Before Old Snake hides as a statue, the vest changes from the desert color to black. So I’m guessing that you can change the color of the vest through the Camo menu.

What if Kojima is playing a trick on us, or what if those things in the trailers are goofs?

What if there is no Old Snake? What if there isn’t going to be a MGS4? What if this is all a dream? What if I don’t even exist? What if we are characters in someone else’s dream? What if that person wakes up? What will happen to us?

Well, how certain are you that the “Young Snake Camo” is true?

Well, if I’m wrong, I will close my account. Or maybe b7 myself, but yeah, that’s how confident I am.
"That takes care of the cremation" Solid Snake, MGS

User Info: sith_acolyte15

9 years ago#3
Good stuff. Doubtfully it will help, though. But still good.
If your theory were a sandwich, it would be made of fail and poo. That is not a tasty sandwich, sir. - Reokun

User Info: Darth_Bradley

9 years ago#4
I requested a sticky.
Snake has sexy butt cheeks that I'd love to lick

User Info: Dante Leonhart

Dante Leonhart
9 years ago#5
Well, how certain are you that the “Young Snake Camo” is true?

Well, if I’m wrong, I will close my account. Or maybe b7 myself, but yeah, that’s how confident I am.

Topic tracked and tagged.

We'll see if you'll be closing your account come D-day!

I think you might be.
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User Info: Seihyouken

9 years ago#6
For the love of God, STICKY!

User Info: Seihyouken

9 years ago#7
I think you might be.

I think you need to re-read the topic.

User Info: namdonice

9 years ago#8
Does this mean we will be able to play the whole game in the young snake mask ?
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User Info: sith_acolyte15

9 years ago#9
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Technics420

9 years ago#10
There's no reason to believe we won't.
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