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What is the LaLiLuLeLo?

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User Info: fgjnfgh

9 years ago#1

in MGS2 it appears when the device gets jammed. Is the colenol real?

User Info: SMBfan13

9 years ago#2
la li lu le lo

User Info: QueezZeenart

9 years ago#3
It's Ben and Jerry's new flavor.

User Info: Ratfoot0

9 years ago#4
The Patriots.
At least I have chicken! - Leeroy Jenkins
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User Info: mbrinton138

9 years ago#5
I hope this is a joke topic. If you've played 2, you should atleast have a vague idea
Gamertag : mbrinton138
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User Info: joshmck12

9 years ago#6
i still dont understand why theres 5 syllables...should be 6 imho
i miss being joshmck12

User Info: jcpangs

9 years ago#7
you havent finish the game have you?

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