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User Info: PandaInABeeSuit

8 years ago#1
I just bought a "factory sealed" copy of Electroplankton off of EBay, and opened it to get the registration code from the book to enter them on Club Nintendo.
I opened it to discover that there was no code sheet, and the game had simply been reshrinkwrapped. If you're reading this, own the game, and don't care about Club Nintendo, if you could PM me the ID # that would be great. It's on a card with the instruction booklet.
Shot in the dark, since it's been out forever, but worth a shot nonetheless.

User Info: knives out

knives out
8 years ago#2
how much did you pay for it?
Man created god in his own image.

User Info: Intertek

8 years ago#3
I bought it used at Gamestop with all the papers and the manual for $35. I just looked in th box and it had the registration PIN, so yours should have it too.

User Info: aswrc

8 years ago#4
Wait.. people are opening stuff.. then re-wrapping then re-selling on ebay?? I'd give you my code.. but I already banked in on my 30 coins..
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