5 star general? Strike Commander?

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User Info: Winged_Crusader

8 years ago#1
I've seen those 2 ranks before, but I cant seem to find out how they got it. I've checked the FAQS, but nothing?
what are the requirements? and what other kind of ranks are out there like those?
Or can someone at least point out where I can find out what they are?

User Info: Bigtymer113

8 years ago#2
5 star = 5000 exp level 50

SC = level 35-39 with like 2000 exp or something
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User Info: ultraman23

8 years ago#3
5 Star General- Highest skill 50 with 5000+ exp

Strike Commander-Highest Skill 35-39 with 1800+ exp
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User Info: maxxfreak1

8 years ago#4
theres also staff captain, master sergeant, and prolly more
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User Info: Vide0Gam3Master

8 years ago#5
5 Star General - Highest Skill 50 with 5000+ EXP

Strike Commander - Highest Skill 35 - 39 with 1800+ EXP

Yeah man.
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User Info: LankyJ

8 years ago#6
There is also Brigadier General which is 45-49 with 4000+ EXP I believe.

User Info: skiergamer23

8 years ago#7
Force Colonel - Highest Skill 40-44 with 2400+ exp
Field Major - Highest Skill 30-34 with 1200+ exp
Brigadier General - Highest Skill 45-49 with 4000+ exp
Staff Captain - Highest skill 20-29 with 600+ exp
First Lieutenant - Highest skill 10-19 with 400+ exp
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