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User Info: mochokoy_hakitu

7 years ago#1
Hello, and thank you in advance.

I bought Fable TLC for the PC about two years ago. About 6 months ago a friend of mine got a new computer and asked to borrow it. I asked for it back this week to find out they had lost disc 1but still had discs 2 - 4. I too in this time got a new computer and thus Fable TLC was not installed... So my question is, is there anything I can do about this? I'd like to play the First Fable again because I have a new Xbox on the way with Fable II and would like to get a feel for the series again. Thank you!

User Info: xXShadowVenoMXx

7 years ago#2
I'm pretty sure you can legally download a copy if you already bought it. I cant tell you how to download the game on this website though.

I'm sure you could use google to find out.

Once you have the disc one image, you have a choice. Burn it to a DVD with a program such as ActiveISO, or mount the image using a program called Daemon tools lite, both are free and take one quick google to find.

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