I want shadow hearts 4

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User Info: MegandDia128

8 years ago#1
not a sequal to three but I want one that brings closure to two that would be a real Shadow Hearts Sequal

User Info: Lord Faust

Lord Faust
8 years ago#2
Well you're not getting it.
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User Info: wuglendei

8 years ago#3
So do I.
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User Info: Caim1

8 years ago#4
what more closure for two could you possibly want.
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User Info: MegandDia128

8 years ago#5
Uhhh.... one that explained what happened to Yuri and actually confimred what ending was true don't get me wrong three was good but I wanted to see Yuri in Shadow Hearts III

User Info: myghostisdead

8 years ago#6
I'd love to see a Shadow Hearts 4. They were some really great games.

User Info: Ivany2008

8 years ago#7
its funny that the series stops before we reach the WW2/Germany storyline

that storyline could have been bigger(and better) than the Anastasia storyline in SH2
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User Info: blackpants916

8 years ago#8
It would be hard for a Japanese company to do a World War 2 game tastefully without overlooking their involvement, what they did and what happened to them. It would be especially controversial unless they removed themselves from the game, given that Japan still denies some of the things they did.

It's still a bitter subject in Japan, which is why they make so little media involving that period and rarely talk about the period (outside of ambiguous apologies and statements).

User Info: Raging_Infernus

8 years ago#9
Sorry all you boyo's but there's a possibility that shadow hearts might not be made anymore. Since Nautilus disbanded and the groups rights are being held by Azure. Anything can happen, if they make it or not. Lets just say we all have a slim chance SH4 will be made since Nautilus disbanded unless Azure does something since they hold their rights. I ALSO WANT SH4.
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User Info: b_alasdair

8 years ago#10
*Slight spoiler*

was anyone else intrigued by the black bat's vehement denial that there were any more "magical keys" and hilda's remark following it? it almost sounded like a hint at a fourth game
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