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User Info: GodlyRanger

9 years ago#1

I am wondering how i can get to the Space Stage and start as with the Knight Trait??

User Info: GodlyRanger

9 years ago#2

User Info: foxbat008

9 years ago#3
you can use the cheat setConsequenceTrait space_knight , i think that's it.

User Info: GodlyRanger

9 years ago#4
i know, but using the cheats stop you from getting achievements.

So, i was asking how you get that trait by legit means. (ie. without cheating)

User Info: Auror_Raider

9 years ago#5

There are only 10 different Space Traits, therefore that means that only the Tribal and Civilization stages affect which one you get. (The 10th one is Wanderer which is the one you get if you start later than Tribal). However all 4 stages give you additional Consequence abilities, which should you have 5 different abilities when you get to the Space Stage.

I've tried to compile a table of how to get certain Space Traits. Ive come up with the following:

(I've only actually tested four, the rest I've made an educated guess)

Tribal + Civilization = Space Trait

Friendly + Religious = Shaman
Friendly + Economic = (Guess) Bard
Friendly + Military = (Guess) Knight

Industrious + Religious = Diplomatic
Industrious + Economic = Trader
Industrious + Military = Scientist

Aggressive + Religious = (Guess) Zealot
Aggressive + Economic = (Guess) Ecologist
Aggressive + Military = (Guess) Warrior

btw I'm quite confident about the Knight Guess, as well as the others

User Info: Bospsychopaat

9 years ago#6
This isn't really true. I've got twice to space stage and twice I got Diplomat but none of the times have I followed the industrious + religious path.
1st one was: herbivore, social, industrious and economic
2 one was: Omnivore, Flexible*, friendly, religious

so it appears that you get Diplomat if you get 2 blue and 2 green ones.
I'll do some searching on some other forums, someone has to have the entire list.

(*I don't have the english version so I don't know if that's the proper term)
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User Info: cynicalsaint

9 years ago#7
I've gotten to the space stage twice and here's what I got:

Carnivore + Predator + Agrressive + Military = (unsurprisingly) Warrior
Omnivore + Adaptable + Industrious + Military = Trader

So the Industrious + Military combo won't necessarily get you scientist.
If all else fails, use fire.

User Info: Bladenyte

9 years ago#8
concidering that the game follows a path from cell-space (and including unplayed stages). typing up every combo would be extreamly frustrating.
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User Info: Zorack64

9 years ago#9
I was friendly and military and got shaman.

theres a topic somewhere with the listings, but one mentioned if you went all green paths but one, you still get shaman.

So 3 levels of green get you shaman, you gotta mix it up a little more than that
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User Info: Zorack64

9 years ago#10
Here you go guys, found the topic for you
Xbox Live Gamertag- A Chaotic Nerd
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