Warming Up a Planet

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User Info: Commander_Bosko

9 years ago#1
The mission I am currently on I have to terraform this planet into a T1 planet. I have the atmosphere at the right level, but the planet is too cold. How do I warm it up?

User Info: SlyClone2k

9 years ago#2
Find the meteor shower tool at an allied planet - make sure you dont get Ice Storm instead.
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User Info: Lord Blade

Lord Blade
9 years ago#3
Meteor Shower or Heat Ray works wonders.
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User Info: Commander_Bosko

9 years ago#4

User Info: Neonivek

9 years ago#5
Just a tip: When you find the heat or cold ray... BUY IT!!!

It saves you a TON of cash in the Short AND Long Run... (Dang Overpriced Teraforming devices)
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User Info: Fubarjurph

9 years ago#6
There are two axes (temperature / pressure) you can adjust to terraform. You can add or subtract either, so you have four one-shot devices for those simple fixes:

- atmosphere generator
- drought generator
- ice storm
- meteor storm

Each costs about $150K, does a static amount of heating/cooling/whatever, and is a one-shot. Then you also have the ship hardware that uses ship energy to do the same effect. These cost $450K (base, discounts available with friendly or allied planets) but they have a bunch of advantages. First of all they turn battery power (free at home, or at least dirt-cheap) into terraforming. Second, they can be used for major or minor adjustments, so you don't run into the problem of blowing a $150K one-shot and finding that it didn't quite get you to T2... and now you need to go back and buy two of them. In other words, the $450K price tag is exactly what you would spend on a single botched terraforming run.

The ship add-ons are unlocked by doing environmental missions, but I think you can get there by just bringing wildlife to a bunch of new planets. Once you get the add-ons, the game changes drastically - for an all-green player (peaceful/shaman) you can spend your whole energy reserve on terraforming a planet, then "hearthstone" home and recharge for free... which means you can make all of your colonies T3 with maxed-out turrets. The colony upgrades are still expensive, but the terraforming is essentially free.

TL;DR - Buy the ship addons, and don't waste your money on one-shots!
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