Is there an "unlock ALL weapons/abilities" cheat? (space)

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  3. Is there an "unlock ALL weapons/abilities" cheat? (space)

User Info: Rebelscum994

8 years ago#1
It's a pain to do them individually, and I'd like to use them to toy around with things
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User Info: GodlyRanger

8 years ago#2
i wouldn't do that, cause using any cheats removes any possible achievement gains and possible removes the sporecast thing, cause i wanted all the weapons and stuff, but it labeled me a cheater with the joker achievement and since then, no sporecast.

User Info: InB4Desu

8 years ago#3
Yes there are, you can find them in the "Cheats" section for Spore. You'll get the "Joker" badge, which will make it impossible to earn achievments WITH THAT SPECIES.

You can always start a new game and earn achievements with that one while using your other one for cheating.
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  3. Is there an "unlock ALL weapons/abilities" cheat? (space)

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