does anyone else find the space stage incredibly frustrating?

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  3. does anyone else find the space stage incredibly frustrating?

User Info: TiO_GeR

8 years ago#11
I kinda have the same problem as TC. A planet very near to my home world keeps attacking me. It has gone way too far, I fend off an attack, BARELY leave the atmosphere and I get yet another distress signal. I can hardly leave my planet alone for 5 minutes.

Question is: is there any way to destroy my enemies planet so they'll leave me alone?

I shot a couple of those machines that suck their atmosphere dry, but it doesn't seem to hurt them.

Any advice?

User Info: Kythlyn

8 years ago#12
If you go way overboard with any of the terraforming tools you should be able to destroy life on the planet. ..but early in the space stage, you're better off paying them off and trying to stop the war.
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User Info: ionlink2002

8 years ago#13
My suggestion to ANYBODY playing space stage: PLAY ECONOMIC.

It is so easy to steer away from early on, but it is by far the easiest way to progress. Need more firepower? Buy a bigger gun. Need more health? Throw some cash towards health upgrades. Money makes the galaxy go round.
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User Info: LostQuestion

8 years ago#14
im in the space stage and have yet to meet pirates my civ is scientist but i guess im not getting raided because of pirate-b-gone tribal stage conciquence that or having 3 colonys (i counted my homeworld as a colony) wont trigger a raid
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User Info: vicar123

8 years ago#15
On hard mode, yes - never go to war until you have good bombs and/or the shield. (as a warmongering race, you start with a measely ~300 or 350 hp!!)

On normal mode, as a warmongering race, you start with 1500. More than enough to go to war.

This is what you do (this is what I've done and it works like a charm)

1 - attack their T0 or T1 planets. T0 are great because they usually don't surrender and leave behind a nice ~50k sporebucks for you. Besides, you don't actually want to capture the t0. you don't have enough money to upgrade the planet and the colony yet.

2 - when attacking their T1 planets, get their fighters to chase you to an area far from the colony you want to capture and then ascend your ship (you fly much faster at high altitudes) and quickly zoom over to their colony. Keep your laser on it until it's yours or it blows up, leaving you cash.

3 - continue doing this - I start the game immediately declaring war on EVERYONE around me, except the automatic friendly race - to unlock the lvl 1 bomb. Once you get the bomb, you can really hit their t2's and even t3's, though I wouldn't suggest the latter

4 - get the pulse beam right after you get the bomb. My weapon layout at this point is laser, missle, bomb, pulse beam. the reason you want to get it right after is because you can alternate fire. When you go attack a city, I hold the mouse down on their entertainment structure then their city hall. While i'm doing this, I keep pressing 3,4,3,4,3,4,3,4, etc. This will shoot a bomb and while it's on cool down, fire pulse beams, maximizing your damage.

5 - I like to get teh lvl 2 bomb before I go assault homeworlds. Keep in mind you can fly back home to repair and continue to attack them and your attack will be where you left off if you weren't gone for too long (so any cities you made surrender will still be surrendered)

6 - after this, save up for shields and it's easily GG at this point, since you're completely invincible.

7 - to speed things up, I finish upgrading my bombs, then pulse beam, then missiles, then laser. Also, target purple, green, and pink spice planets. These are your priorities. These spice types sell for crazy amounts at some places (like over 50k for 1). I never had money problems doing this.

Anyways, long story short, my current game (fifth time i've played the space stage) has only been for about 2 hours and i'm one bubble away from completely filling the progress bar at the bottom.

User Info: lordshodan

8 years ago#16
Even though I keep "progressing" it is always repetitive as I only managed to conquered planets by fighting instead of negociating.....

Worse: My tools/items barely upgraded while I am over 2/3 of progress completed.

User Info: digi_tron

8 years ago#17

My space phase started frustraiting too. I flew too far and ran into few hostile races at the early stage. They almost pwned me, I was left with only 2 cities on my home planet. Then amongst every 2 minute attacks, I started slowly climbing up economically.

First thing I did, I payed allied race to attack my enemies. This broght me some relief.

A word of advice: in order to build up economy colonise and develop all planets of your home star system first. Enemy attacks are per system. If you have 2 stars with 1 colonised planet on each - you get 2 attacks for the same amount of spice. 1 star - 1 attack. Develop everything to T3 before moving further. Don't forget about the moons, if you have any.

The good thing is that you can trade spice between your colonies within your star system. My colonies gave me huge prices for the spice gathered on the neighbour planets.

This way you don't waste time to fly out and you can get enough money even with often attacks.

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  3. does anyone else find the space stage incredibly frustrating?

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