If you kill the grox in one game..

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User Info: Howfish

9 years ago#1
and you start a game on another planet, will the grox still be there?

basically, do new games on other planets exist in the same universe? Like can you meet up with other species you have created? I'm wondering for several reasons

1. can you only kill the grox once?
2. Can I make a huge empire and then ally with it in another game?

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User Info: ChamplooMusashi

9 years ago#2
What you do in one save game doesn't affect another save file, it does affect your AI ghost save file though, but as far as the Grox thing goes you can't ditch the little buggers.
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User Info: Firelion6593

9 years ago#3
Allying with them is pretty stupid if you're a trader.

Every other empire in the the whole ****ing galaxy gets on your ass about it.
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User Info: Howfish

9 years ago#4
I'm going to destroy them all....it just takes FOREVER, but there is an achievement for it (confirmed).

I have about 15 million sporebucks, still increasing colony/health/energy/planet buster supply. Keep letting my greens/purples grow and then sell them off (purple at 58,000 per spice, green about 40,000 per spice). I already made the mistake once of trying to wipe out the grox unprepared. The key is you gotta build a colony near them so you respawn close by.
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User Info: Locke_Kant

9 years ago#5
If you seriously want to defeat the grox then you need to max your terraforming capabilities and bring your staff of life with you. You can make a huge dent in the Grox empire simply by using the staff of life 42 times to create a large colony area. From there you just move out, this can be slow and tedious as you will be spending time setting up the colonies to be self-sufficient with uber-turrets galore. To remove the grox from your universe I would Imagine you need to replace them with your own empire.

User Info: NotVirgil

9 years ago#6
The Grox don't take over space so all you need is a lot of antimatter bombs and to do hit and runs on them.

User Info: Eruditious

9 years ago#7
You cannot legitimately destroy the Grox. They control star systems that are out of reach thanks to the increased gravity of the core.

If you wanted to launch a campaign against them though, it is best to do it from the center out.

If you attack their central star system, you can capture it instead of destroying it. This gives you up to two colonies per planet (one planet per star system... so if they control more than one, just terraform the planets you DO NOT want... ones with common spices or whatever). The colonies will have the buildings and turrets if you capture them.


On a T0 planet.

However, you cannot ever enter the planet again once you leave it, or the buildings and any extra colonies will go poof since you are not really supposed to have them. You will still have a single colony with the main building. It is important to make the citizens happy before leaving unless you want them to stop production at some point. The entertainment building of the Grox is a squat round building. There will only be 1 per colony. Try not to destroy it. ;p

When you have captured the colonies and before you leave, you can rearrange the buildings (you cannot add new buildings... T0 planet, you know). Place any colony tools you want... spice storage or the tool that keeps the citizens happy (if you destroyed the entertainment buildings...). I have captured ~300 star systems this way. They have yet to be attacked. So you don't really need to deploy an uber turret. I do have a few T3 colonized planets for restocking items. Those planters get attacked (though it is usually from an empire around my home planet.. ?! wtf is up with that... in the middle of the galaxy).

You can orbit the planet to heal and pick up spice and sell spice without messing up your buildings.

When you capture the Grox's central star system, they will get a new one. Just follow the empire lines to their origin. You can repeat this as long as their central star is not one of the out of reach stars.
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