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User Info: reynlm1

9 years ago#11
I found that in the tribal stage, when you have a pretty large tribe, set 2 of your dudes to fish. The will continue to fish and bring meat, while you and the rest of your tribe are off conquring the world. I found that I didn't really need EVERYONE from my tribe to socialize or defete another tribe, so the 2 that fish constantly weren't really missed.

User Info: jimmy_the_pipe

9 years ago#12

Eyes in cell:
If you need a few extra points, sell your eyes in cell. You lose some vision but can see mostly.

Epics in Creature:
Try and get it stuck behind a rock or slight incline. It won't be able to reach you, but will stand still and let you spit at it until it dies, or leave to find food.

Tame Tribal Creatures:
You can tame creatures in tribal. I haven't found any advantage to this. You lose food and gain nothing.

Here's a crash for you:
When you begin the Shaman teleport-home, Don't open up the city modifiers. You'll teleport away while it's still open and your game crashes to desktop.

In Space stage, in the city modifier, if you grab one of the land/air/water vehicles, you can sell it. You don't have any control over buying new ones.

Using lasers, if you kill too many of the wrong creature, you can cause something to go extinct. Instead, if you transport animals aboard, you only kill the infected and collect the uninfected. Also works with a full cargo hold.

Expanding your Empire:
Unless you're out for blood, always try to takeover your enemies' T1-T3 colonies. It's easier and cheaper than building stuff yourself.

Terraforming a T0 planet:
If you get too close, the planet attacks you with smoke and such. But if you hold the arrow and spin in circles, you get hit A Lot less.

Damaged or avoid damage:
When moving towards/away an angry solar system/planet you get attacked, even while zooming in and out. To take less damage, you can pause the game and zoom in/out. Also, you can zoom in and out faster if you use the mouse-wheel and the - + keys.

Can't find that planet?
Sometimes you get a mission to planet x, and you know you've been there but just can't find it. If you go into Sporepedia and look up 'planet x', there's a button that will point out exactly where the system is on the galaxy map. Only works if you've visited the planet itself.

User Info: tolerdesigns

9 years ago#13
Great tips everyone, keep them coming!

User Info: Ghidoran

9 years ago#14
Creature Creator: You can add limbs to the end of other limbs by pressing and holding ctrl wile holding a limb. This allows you to make very unique limbs.
All creators: You can copy objects by pressing and holding alt after the part has been clicked on by the mouse.
Spore page:
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User Info: mariofilho12

9 years ago#15
HHow can i request for sticky?
Because this deserves it.
This guy is a jerk :

User Info: PlaidMage

9 years ago#16
You can tame creatures in tribal. I haven't found any advantage to this. You lose food and gain nothing.

Uh, if you tame creatures, you can harvest eggs from them. It's one of the best ways to get food.
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User Info: -Yus-

9 years ago#17
Tame Tribal Creatures:
You can tame creatures in tribal. I haven't found any advantage to this. You lose food and gain nothing.

Omnivores have the special ability beastmaster, which sommons nearby animals and the ones in your pen to battle.

Befriending a rogue creature as an omnivore then going to tribal pretty much gives you an easy protection in raids.
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User Info: RogueJedi86

9 years ago#18
In paintbrush mode, try pressing the 1 and 2 buttons (used in conjunction with ctrl). Also try the 3, 4 and 5 buttons (used in conjunction with alt). These are for selective paint brushing, when you press the numbers, text will popup to tell you what they do.

Just tried this in creature create mode, nothing happened. What else is there to it?
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User Info: Mega_pikmin

9 years ago#19
Wrong jimmy!!! If you tame a creature you can take it to the pen behind your hut, which after a wile it will produce eggs for your tribe to collect.

Also if you finish the creature stage with animals in your pack, not from you species (such as a mini epics) it will be in your pen when you start the tribal stage :D.
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User Info: -Yus-

9 years ago#20
oh yeah, removing legs allows a creature to fly further. Get to the top of a simple hill with the best wings and no legs, and the flight of the bumblebee achievement will be easy.

Sprint helps too, but not necessary.
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