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User Info: Rose-Wolf-chan

8 years ago#101
planets closer to the center and the zealot super power

User Info: dragons879

8 years ago#102
heres a few....


in space stage you can tell where the center of the galaxy is by zooming all the way out

in the space stage you can zoom in and out with the + and - buttons

in space stage the planet Aarce offers pink spice and is nearby (at least for me) you can search for it the way that one guy said earlier.

empires that extort money from you will not actually start a war if you decline unless you go near the place they sent the message from (their empire)

you get the joker badge by doing a ctrl+shift+c cheat in the space stage. If your out for all the badges and don't want to cheat, do the ctrl+shift+c cheat that renames planets, then re-name it the one it was before

if you ally with the grox everyone will start a war with you, even your allies


you can start this game without the disk. I'm living proof. I don't even own this game, but I installed it with a friends disk, and now i can play it when I want. (actually it was a mac+pc compatible disk) Does this make me a pirate?....Nah.

tribal: wild animals will only steal your food if nobody is guarding it.

you get the most food the most quickly as an omnivore if you hunt meat in small numbers, and fruit in large numbers. This is because animals only give a set amount of food, and half your tribe will probably be returning home with nothing if you hunt in large numbers


plains can't take over spice geysers, so boats aren't completely useless. But you really only need 3-5 boats

spice geysers give you less money after a while

this formation is a good one in city building:

^=town hall
=) =entertainment
=( = factory
?= house
\ / = connection lines

/ \
=) =(
\ /

this will help with profit, and happiness

vehicle stats are based on %. Having 500 wheels, 500 guns, and 500 cockpits will only make your vehicle look really, really stupid, and do no more than having 4 wheels, 1 good gun, and 1 or 2 cockpits

creature: before tribal, make sure you have some DNA points to spend on your last ever evolution.

when you go from creature to tribal stage, the only stat that remains the same is speed. So make sure you have lv. 5 speed when you go to tribal stage.

mouths make you sing
feet make you dance
hands make you pose
other effects (category farthest right) make you charm

small bones give eyes and limbs, you should try to find big bones

there are many bones near where epics live. Big bones.


using the addDNA cheat in the cell stage kicks ass. Especially if you have found jets. PEW! 100 MPH!!! OMG!!!

easiest way to be an omnivore: start as a carnivore, but then evolve and put filter mouths on either side of your center carnivore mouth. As close to it as possible. Then eat a balanced diet, and check your history often.

Wow....Man. I Hope I helped, lol

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User Info: ChikoCareBear

8 years ago#103
*steps in gum*
does anyone know why i can't register Spore? if so can u help me!

User Info: Misanthropes

8 years ago#105
Cell: When looking for a particular part, look for other cells with that part and hunt them. They will usually drop the part you are looking for.

Creature: You can make an educated guess about what social abilities other creatures have based on their characteristics. For example, creatures without arms/hands won't have Pose.

Civilization: In most cases, the most efficient building placement has factories and entertainment connected to the city hall, with houses near the outside. Connecting houses to the city hall gives no benefit.

Space: The circle that denotes your max traveling distance has an arrow that points toward the center of the galaxy.
Empires sell items at a discount based on their philosophy. Warrior races sell weapons for lower prices, while Life Web/Ecological types sell terraforming tools and colony packs at lower prices.
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User Info: hblaster47

8 years ago#106
In space stage, How do I get a creature to evolve into tribal stage?

User Info: possum_guy

8 years ago#107
Creature: If you're an omnivore, at the end of the creature stage, just before you switch to tribal, use the special power. It will give you pets for the tribal stage, so if you're a vicious hunter thingy, it won't disadvantage you.
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User Info: MetalGearSamus

8 years ago#108
--- IN AWNSER TO HBLASTER47's QUESTION: you need to buy a monolith an throw it onto a planet that is T1 or higher but uninhabited. I'm not sure what u need to do to unlock the monolith though...

User Info: penguingamer13

8 years ago#109
A good place to find facts about the game is Spore Wiki

User Info: penguingamer13

8 years ago#110
monkeywarrior42 posted...
does anyone know why i can't register Spore? if so can u help me!

Have you downloaded the game 3 times already? or did you type in the wrong registration coad on accident?
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