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User Info: Strakadh_OF

8 years ago#111
If you get into a war early on in the game and you cant hold up too well in a fight (or if you are at any point later in the game but just feel lazy) Ive found that taking over a whole empire about 10 minutes after I started Space stage was actually quite easy.

The tip is just to fly straight towards the colonies and instantly start bombing them, ignoring all of the ships attacking. Once 2 or more ships start circling you then use the mouse scroll to bob up and down. The whole time you are dropping bombs and you can both give a near instant kill to ships with an additional AOE on their friends and any bombs that miss the ships will fall onto the city thus furthering your main objective.

Not the most amazing idea but it helps me take over entire empires in maybe 2 recharges of health and energy, you must be very fast in scrolling in and out of planets/systems and if youre attacking a planet with just one city then you should at the most take around 30 seconds to destroy/capture it.

User Info: Darbon90

8 years ago#112

Don't sell your spice for lower than these amounts...
Red - 7K - 15K
Yellow - 8K - 20K
Blue - 15K - 25K
Green - 25K - 40K
Pink - 45K - 70K
Purple - 60K - 82K

Having Bomb weapons = easy takeovers.
If you have the best Bomb you can get, you only need up to three bombs per city, depending on the T-Score and amount of buildings in the cities. Be careful, though, because bombs seem to have a good chance to destroy the cities you may want to keep. They ALWAYS destroy colonies on T-Score 0 planets, no fail.

Use Spice Storages. They double the capacity of Spice that can be held by the planet you place this on. Defend these at all costs if they are on a planet being attacked.

Uber Turrets relieve Pirate worries. Once you gain access to Uber Turrets, place them on the planets that Pirates visit most often for raids and spice-stealing. The turret will deal with any and all attempts at stealing your spice, and usually will defeat attacking Pirates, too. The Turret does not defend well against other races, though, when you're not there.

Beware the Grox. Don't attempt to go all-out against them without full health, energy, max weapons, and the time to do so away from your empire.

Missiles are great for hit-and-run tactics. I believe that once you have the first missile locked on to a target, you can hold the LMB and Missiles will continually fire from your ship, homing in onto the target you first locked on to. Great for when you don't want to fly backwards or keep looking behind you.

Misc Stuff:

You can create 'double' parts in the Vehicle Editors by holding TAB and rotating the piece on its side or horizontally. It will not take up any more complexity than the single piece does.
However, you cannot move the two pieces separately, they are still attached to the same altering options, such as limbs in the Creature Creator.

In the Building Creator, the Building Block part IS indeed, useful. They can be used to simulate a form of stairs or anything else you can think of.

Watch the complexity meter in all creators. You can end up filling it up and not even noticing it, so watch it carefully while you build, taking parts that are not entirely necessary off and putting other ones where you want.

Make up your own strategies. Who knows, you may find better ones than anyone has listed off so far.
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User Info: XxicecreamxX

8 years ago#113
If you are trying to buy a home system in space stage, it will always cost 10,000,000 sporebucks, so dont try to buy it for lower.
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User Info: skycoo1

8 years ago#114
grox killing can actuly be easy if you rais the tscore since there robots and hate atmospher thus making it extrmly easy to kill thene and get badges
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User Info: Black_Fatalis

8 years ago#115
If you are having a tough time destroying enemy home worlds, just terraform until it is T-0, and it will destroy all cities but one, then you are free to capture/destroy.
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User Info: Orochi_Luver

8 years ago#116
Whats your preference about hacking SPORE?

User Info: deman1

8 years ago#117

is there anyway in the creature stage to see a whole map of the continent. i keep on wanting to go somewhere and don't know where it is and where to head.

User Info: supermariosp

8 years ago#118
Cell: you can easily kill a large cell by hitting it once and then using poisen to kill it poisen can be more helpful then shock.

Creture: you can fly farther without legs.

Tribal: try to domisticate animals around places where you gather fruit and hunt the ones away from your fishing/ gathring grounds. if a person gathring gets hit they wont pick up the fruit/ fish bowl they were using before and animals will take it.

Civil: Try to build up as much money as you can at the start of the game, then build as many boats as yon and if a city pops up it'll be destroyed in a few seconds from a whole fleet.

Space: If you want to destroy a city without making the local empire mad at you, drop a carnivore/omnivore next to a city and use a super sizer on it.


User Info: zombie__cat

8 years ago#119
If you are a zealot or a trader, a quick way to make money mid-game is to establish a monolith on a purple spice planet you have terraformed to T-3. This will cause a planet that has 10 cities to be formed. Then use your path superpower (cash infusion or fanatical frenzy) to take the planet for yourself, and fix the planet to create 1980 spice per hour. Finally, place a spice storage, loyalty booster, happiness booster, uber turret, bio stabilizer, and bio protector. This will net when it is finally done a full load of purple spice every three minutes, which can be sold for about 7.2 million for the highest price. Not sure if this will really count as a tip, but it is still nice to know.

User Info: zombie__cat

8 years ago#120
Just realized most of this information could be found on sporewiki T.T
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