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User Info: VGMAN3000

8 years ago#121

I need some major help. My game isn't running. I have downloaded it over and over again and it won't play. Please help!

User Info: omegaseabee

8 years ago#122
Might have already been mentioned, but anouther way to get the Flight of the Bumblebee achievement:

Walk onto a spice gyser, it will launch your creature high in the air and you can fly once you have reached the max height.
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User Info: spudfro00

8 years ago#123
actually when you tame an animal it will fight 4 u and they create eggs which anyone can eat

User Info: Atersix

8 years ago#124
In the creature stage,lure an epic to a nest you are trying to make extinct.
The epic may or may not kill.

User Info: Eckonater95

8 years ago#125
When creating hold down a before clicking on the part you want to make, for example an uneven eye on only the left side. this works with all things whilst creating
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User Info: jt2582

7 years ago#126
Hey Crazy_jones thanks for the info on moving certain things and stuff, on the creature creator. :)

User Info: fetchystick

7 years ago#127
CREATURE STAGE TIPS: get larger the more you have on the progress bar.
...if you are an herbi, and there is fruit on a tree you can't reach, buy arms, grab a stick, and throw it at the fruit. It should fall down to you.
...The parts you earn in the creature stage determine what parts will be available when using Creature maker or creature tweaker in Space stage.

... there are many sources of food
-meat: get by hunting animals. Once the animal has been killed by anything, click on the dead animal to gather meat. Most animals have about 15 meat on them. Animals will continue to grow, it is impossible to make a species extinct in tribal. CARNIVORE SOURCE
-Fruit: on trees and bushes. This is the most common resource around. However, unlike meat, once fruit is off a bush, it probably won't grow back without the REFRESHING STORM ability. Most bushes have about 15 food. Trees have around 25. HERBIVORE SOURCE
-Fish and seaweed: Gathered only in water. This source is rather large, and contains an unlimited amount of food. However it is also quite rare. On harder difficulties, you may have to fight for control of these spots. USing fishing spears decreases the amount of time it takes to get fish. ANYONE CAN GATHER
-eggs: unlimited food source. Each egg has about 20 food. Eggs, before moved to food storage, have about 20 food. The egg storage bin next to the creature pen can hold 4 eggs. to get an egg, you must first domesticate a creature, which costs 15 food. After a while, they will start making eggs for you. ANYONE CAN GATHER
-spoil: spoil is any kind of food dropped or stolen. Food may be dropped by anyone, usually this happens when someone carrying food comes under attack, they will drop food to retaliate. To steal food from an enemie's storage, use combat stance on their food stash. You will always be able to use spoil food, as other tribes will have the same diet. ANYONE CAN GATHER
gift: tribes who are FRIENDS or ALLIES will sometimes give you random food for the heck of it. Just click the basket when they lay it down in front of your tribe.ANYONE CAN GATHER. of your tribe:
-the hut: the main building, if this goes down, you lose. This hut can make buildings, babies, and can also outfit your tribe to improve their ability. If this gets damaged, select a tribe member and right-click it. They will slowly repair it.
-the fire: very important. How well your fire is doing determines morale in combat. The larger it is, the better the bonus. Your tribe receives a larger bonus when very close to the fire. Also, the larger the fire, the less powerful enemy units are when attacking you. To make the fire larger, right-click the fire with members selected. THey will do a fire dance, which is funny to watch and makes the fire larger.
-food storage: hold all you food. Tribes and animals will steal from here, friends will gift here, gatherers will drop off here. Members will eat here. This is where anything related to food happens. Except gathering.
-animal pen: contains domesticated animals. Also holds any eggs they may lay. /you can have up to 3 animals at a time. They will help defend your tribe whould it come under attack, and they will lay eggs for food. Domesticate strong animals to help defend and give resources.
-buildings: hold tools, note that you must buy these, and they can be destroyed by enemy tribes (and on harder difficulties, i garuntee they will be destroyed) to equip a tribe member with a tool, first buy the building, then select said member and right-click the shack. They will grab the tool.
...tricks with domesticated animals.
It costs 15 food to domesticate an animal. And the longer it stays in your pen, the better it becomes, as in it lays more eggs. But also, it will give off more meat, i have seen domesticated creatures give off 50 meat (15 normal, plus 15 to domesticate = 30. Thats an extra 20, plus the eggs and defense). So slaughtering a low-health creature may really pay off.

if you have these 4 mods together you will also get unlimited trade routes which will really aid you if you wish to destroy the grox while being allied 1. Expandedtravelradiusneargalacticcore 2. Freelancing 3. SMA2.6 4. Spaceisfun you can download them at this website( just copy and past you will then place the files in the data folder of spore and you will have a extra large travel radius and practicticly unlimited everything including the staff of life. you will also be able to earn 99999999 sporebucks just by pressing the money cheat once .

User Info: TedhaunGaoGao

7 years ago#129

1. Omnivore-The best mouth to have in the game, because you can eat anything and the Amphbitude and S'gnarly are two of the best mouths in the game. Amphibitude is good for Socialization, and S'gnarly is good for both Socialization and Aggression, To become an omnivore, you must be an omnivorous cell. Unfortunately, you do not start with the Proboscis. so press Ctrl+Shift+C and type "addDNA" when you are editing your cell so you have the capability to add jaws and filter mouths to your cell. Just remember this pattern-meat, plant, meat, plant, meat, plant, and so on. That way, you will be an omnivorous cell until you get the proboscis, then just follow the same pattern.

2. Herbivore-The second best mouth in the game, because fruit is plentiful food and the Herbivore mouths like Haunchface and Grubblemaw are good for Socialization due to their Lv 5 Sing skill. If you wish to be an Aggressive herbivore for whatever reason, the best mouth to affix is the Whalephant, an upgrade of the Molratt, that has a Lv 3 Bite skill. Then you can add Horrorthumbs (Grubbygrabber), Porcupain (Hockitlauncher), and Elkegent (Pediculous). To afford these parts, the cheat menu Ctrl+Shift+C and "addDNA" will help.

3. Carnivore-A mouth I do not recommend you start your creature as, for it is hard to find meat to fill a carnivore's hunger meter. All carnivore mouths have a Lv 5 bite, but the Shortensnout has a Lv 3 sing skill if you wish to be an Adaptable carnivore, because you have to kill other creatures for food. Or, here's a neat little trick. You never have to eat and you can become a Social carnivore by opening the cheat menu (again, Ctrl+Shift+C) and type in "refillmotives". Your hunger and health meters will refill to the max, so if you ever get hungry and don't want to kill anybody, use the "refillmotives" cheat!

4. Epic Creatures-These behemoths are extremely hard to avoid, but they do guard huge bone piles to unlock the best parts. If you want to avoid getting eaten, squashed or killed by an Epic, attach Grasstachio, which gives you a Lv 2 sneak so you can turn invisible and not be noticed. The Grasstachio becomes Florsage, which has a Lv 4 sneak. The best sneak is the Sassyquatch, which is +5 sneak and also has a +4 speed and +5 dance. To unlock Grasstachio and Palmwalker, your cell has to have Flagella and any kind of eye.

5. Flight-Flying, or gliding, as it is called in the game, is only available through four parts-Antisoptera, Fauxry Wings, Megachiraptora, and Cassoworry. You can unlock an award for flight called Flight of the Bumblebee (fly 200 unbroken yards). Your best bet for that award is to fix Cassoworry wings to your creature, and to start at the top of a hill near a spice geyser.

6. Health-Adding upgrades to your health are available through multiple parts, including Mouths, Hands, Feet, Weapons and Detail. The best Health parts (+5 Health) are Rockne (evolves from Bonekneepad) and Triterraflops (evolves from Shellshard). Other good Health-adding parts are Scarmaker, Ectoknight, Dexterrorous, Spraypalm, Rammer, SlimSlam Kablam, and Stealing Crystals.

Use these tips to conquer your enemies and befriend rogues and evolve your way to intergalactic space traveler in a spaceship!

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User Info: fps_maniac79

7 years ago#130
you can use volcano tool to destroy a village/city/colony by just using the volcano on the target
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