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User Info: wanderz

7 years ago#131
also when you start making your first vehicle always go all speed to easily capture all the spice derrics b4 the other tribes reach civ

i strongly disagree with this...

just make 4 vehicles.. and DON'T CLAIM A GEYSER.. check out the little villages..
other cities should not appear until you do claim a geyser... (maybe if you take a really really long time.)

position your vehicles near each geyser.. then have all four vehicles claim a geyser at once.

when selecting or creating a vehicle.. the different types make certain stats useless..

economy vehicles don't normally fight.. so they shouldn't need health.. so go as high on speed and money as you can, and low on health..
military and religious vehicles don't need speed.. once they are at the target they need health and attack.. speed just cuts down on travel time, but it's not going to help during the battle.

during the space stage you evidently have a few options for up and down..
scroll wheel, + and -.. space and X..
but i think the fastest is page up and page down.. generally you can tap page up once or maybe twice to leave a planet, then one or two times to leave the system.. and likewise for page down, from galactic view to system, then again from system to planet.
How is it windows 7? it's at least the 9th version.. windows, 1, 2, 3, 95, 98, ME, xp, vista.. 7? that's not even counting NT and windows server versions.

User Info: brody319

6 years ago#132
tip if you can use the laser on an ecodesaster just use quick, aimed burst.
i have made it threw one with the laser and not killed any thing but the infected.

User Info: Trollstomper69

6 years ago#133
Alas my account is activated. does anyone know how to kill your allies in creature stage?
I allied with them in the beginning but then I got bored and decided I wanted to kill everything
but when I go to attack my allies, it says "You can not attack your allies"
so I tried to lure an epic to extinct them, didn't work...

User Info: Neonivek

6 years ago#134
Just kick them out with the mouse

User Info: shrimp05

5 years ago#135
When you get the mission to establish your first colony, you can actually put it anywhere you want and it'll count as mission accomplished. So instead of putting it on another red spice planet, you can find a blue or yellow spice planet, for example, and colonize it.

Someone on page 7 explained about using the terraforming tutorial to unlock the energy based terraforming tools early. I took this a step further. When you get the mission to make first contact, don't initiate it. Then, go to missions and choose expand my empire. With the infinite supply of dirt cheap atmosphere generators, you can terraform and colonize surrounding systems with different color spices and eventually start a spice trade within your own territory. In the process you can unlock and buy most of the ship upgrades, weapons, colonization tools, and terraforming tools before even meeting another alien race. This will give you a good head start and the only things you need to worry about are unknown alien invasions and eco-disasters, neither of which happened often to me. When you eventually decide to make first contact, you will immediately be contacted by a few others and they will probably not be friendly.

Also, and this is just my observation, as long as you stay within the same star system, spice prices do not seem to change. I colonized a blue spice planet and one pink in a single system. On one particular visit the blue planet was buying pink spice for around 24000 and the pink planet was buying blue for around 17000 a pop. So I went back and forth between the two getting rich and buying colony paks and several weapon and ship upgrades until I got tired of it.

User Info: shrimp05

5 years ago#136
Actually, further testing shows that even if you stay in the same system, eventually spice prices change.

User Info: Dagger_Kirby

5 years ago#137
I find the fastest way to win in Civilization is to create two types of each vehicle; one that has 100% speed, and one that has 96% military/religious/trade and 4% health (can't get any less). Use the speedy ones to take over geysers and approach cities, and then when all are in range switch them over to the strong vehicles (there's no penalty for this) and immediately attack. It saves time, and means you can conquer your beginning landmass before any other village could be prepared.

Also, save at least one military village as military, otherwise you have no other way to attack Epics if you want to screw around at the end.

Being a social carnivore is quite difficult, but it can be accomplished easily by always wandering around. There's about two fillups' worth of food in a dead carcass right by your nest at the beginning, and afterwards if you really need to avoid killing other animals you can find two species who hate each other and live nearby, eventually you'll find some dead carcasses there.

Is eating eggs just an omnivore thing? I was never able to as a carnivore, which is ridiculous.

User Info: superstud69x

4 years ago#138
Good stuff for me to look over in here. Got a bit into creature mode, and abut an hour later- game crashes for no reason. Darn it.
Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.
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User Info: DoomFM

3 years ago#140
*does the stanky leg*

Doom™: \\A.L.C. Mariner// Hardcore™
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