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User Info: Llyrael

8 years ago#41
(message deleted)

User Info: TechnoMan

8 years ago#43

-Make sure to capture all spice geysers that you can reach at the beginning of the phase before the first city appears.


-You can destroy T0 colonies in a single hit with a single mega bomb. Automatically you will lose 100 points of diplomacy with the victim, but if you capture more systems it won't go any higher except for Harmful Tools that will increase each time. This allows to easily weaken an empire you don't like (but have high standings with) until only T1 (some T1 can also be destroyed in one hit), T2 and T3 colonies remain without having them declare war.

-If you're at war with an empire and they want peace, accept (even though you still want them dead). You will avoid unnecessary damage. Same if you just want to blow up their systems, capture all the cities (make them surrender) and capture the planet when able and finish destroying the cities then. You will avoid damage.

-Always use new black holes when you see them and reuse them to get back. This will add the destination of that specific black hole in your galaxy map when you're in range (so next time you know where that black hole leads).

-Always terraform planets to T3 before making them a wildlife sanctuary, otherwise you won't be able to do so after.

-Once you visit the two spiceless planets at the beginning of the phase, they become useless. You can't put colonies on them, but you can terraform them. The only real useful thing to do with them is to make those planets wildlife sanctuaries.

-For quick reference, you can use the paint tools to easily identify the planet's spice color (yellow sea, terrain and sky for yellow spice planets).

-You can't put colonies in the sea of planets, but you can raise the terrain level to create an island to put your colony on.
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User Info: FlayerSlayer

8 years ago#44
Thank you for this thread. I got the direct download from EA so I have no manual (at least none I've found) and the in-game help sucks pretty badly.

User Info: ultra_cake

8 years ago#45
Creature stage.

Eating eggs, is a very simple and easy way to keep your traits the way you want... Eating eggs advances your progress bar and gives you about 25 dna. However, eating eggs doesnt affect your alignment, so you can kill/befrend a few creatures. then hunt eggs for the rest of the stage without worring about your alignment going wrong

If you want to get the social trait, ally 3 creatures, and eat eggs for the rest of the stage
if you want to get adaptable, you should be able to beat the stage by only eating eggs
if you want to get the predator trait, extinct 3 creatures, and eat eggs for the rest of the stage

The downside to this, is that you get less parts to use on your creature. (you get parts by allying and killing nests) So youll spend more time hunting bone piles to get the part you want.
Also the amount of DNA points you have to spend will be kept in the middle (Ie. allying some creatures offers more of a dna bonus than others)
But, its plausable that the more dna you get per ally/extintion the more the progress bar goes up as well. But i havent tested that.. so >_>..
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User Info: blane

8 years ago#46
Good Stuff in here. I opt this to be sticky.

There's lots to say about "invisible" body party -- or rather floating parts. That actually deserves a FAQ though. But honestly, I am too lazy (and only know half of it yet)
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User Info: chefsknife

8 years ago#47
I submitted the Tab and Alt stuff under "secrets/tips and tricks" for the Cheats section but I don't think it'll get posted. It's a shame, too, 'cause I doubt that everyone knows about these things.
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User Info: blane

8 years ago#48
True. Although at least there are official spore tutorials. However, a decent "Creature Creator FAQ" containing all the tricky stuff would be really good.

tacobob1 (spore nick) should do that. He seems to know all tricks, his creatures just totally rock.
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User Info: meteor6666

8 years ago#49
There should be a tips faqs. That would help everyone.
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User Info: Lousy_Fellow

8 years ago#50
Bump, because it's useful.
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