"The registration key used to install this game cannot be validated."

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User Info: Darkness500

8 years ago#1
So I just finished installing this game and when I tried to register my game it gave me this error message, does anyone know how to fix this?

User Info: KhirsahDragon

8 years ago#2
How many times have you installed that game (several times on one PC?) or have you installed it on any other systems?

If that is your first time installing it, then I suggest you go back to where you got it and tell them that the CD Key in there has already been used somehow. They MIGHT give you a new game.

Or try sending an email to EA Customer Support (the phone support you have to pay per minute, only do the phone support at last resort) and let them know and see if the rep you get might be kind enough to believe you and give you a new key.

It's happened with many other people out there where they've opened their boxes and tried to use the CD key only to find out that it might have been one of the thousands of CD Keys guessed by the Pirates so its been used by now.

Unless EA got lazy and reprinted some keys, but I'm sure they wouldn't do something dumb like that (not very confident though)... >_>

Many people have had trouble already with EA Customer Support, so your best bet is the store where you got it from.
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User Info: Darkness500

8 years ago#3
This is the first time I've installed the game on any computer.

It looks like I can play the game, it just won't let me register my game.

User Info: DarkProdigyX

8 years ago#4
The vast majority of pirates dont "guess" keys. They use one generated to fool the installer but isn't actually valid to play online.

If you entered the key correctly it is more likely that you bought the game from a retailer that already sold that copy to someone else and accepted it back as a return. Most places don't do this, as obviously the second buyer is screwed (you can't buy a game like this "used"), but it has been known to happen especially in small shops like eb games or gamestops.

User Info: _0blivion_

8 years ago#5
This is why we have GameFAQs.

User Info: Darkness500

8 years ago#6
Alright, so I contacted the EA support on their website and they've told me the email address of the person of the person who has my registration code and after I did a reverse email search, the results say that the person lives in Florida. (which is not anyhere near here by the way.)I haven't bothered emailing the person yet because I don't see what good it will do me.
I also haven't gotten the chance to try to return my copy of Spore yet. (Probably will do that later today.) I'm not sure if they'll take the game back or not but I can only hope that they will when I tell them that they sold me a copy of the game that was somehow already used. Maybe if I show them that it's already registered to somebody in Florida I will have a better chance of them taking it.
I was also thinking of asking EA the next time they respond if they can give me the date the code was registered in case it was used before I even bought the game. (Could help me return it maybe?)

I'm still confused at how somebody could have my registration key if I never told it to anybody or even let anyone see it, until EA asked for it.
Also this is on a new computer that I got on the same day as the game so the odds are that rules out spyware.

User Info: Souretsu

8 years ago#7
I'm pretty sure that as long as you have the receipt, whatever store you bought it from is required to let you exchange for a new one, as long as the original purchase was defective from the start.
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User Info: BloodedSnow

8 years ago#8
Where did you buy the game?
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