dark injection question

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User Info: DarthVader134

4 years ago#1
i learnt about dark injection and have been trying to get it but i keep getting a .exe file that i cant open, i have looked for a winzip or a .rar but all i can find is the .exe, i run windows 7 home edition but cant figure out how to open this .exe, anyone know how to do this? or where to find it that isnt a .exe

User Info: wanderz

4 years ago#2

has "package" files, just copy or move them to your spore data folder..

you might want to read the entire website first... i saw on forums some people had problems with textures after installing this mod.

i've always used platinum spore myself, and my dekstop is currently down so i can't even play the game :( my laptop would probably melt if i tried running spore.
i tried being serious once, in 1989.. didn't particularly care for it.. so don't expect it to happen again.
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User Info: firebrand008

4 years ago#4
I apologize for asking in this topic, but I figured it would be better than starting another one. I managed to get the mod installed properly but it turns out I can't save or play with any of my creations because of some issues with the steam version. I've found that Gamestop sells an "Ultimate Digital Collection" on their website. Would Dark Injection work on this version?

Also, thanks.
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