Bunny build(PvE)

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User Info: korangar7776

8 years ago#1
I am looking for a good bunny build mainly for Pve(I dont plan to get myshop stuff)
I was thinking in 4123 since it looks more balanced(I am leaning to this), but most people seem to use 4114(but that leave you with less criticals and pot space right?)

Also, assuming I will go pure(champion right?) what skills should I be maxing or ignore( I think I got a level 5 Tut sword with 13x% soil and a 6x% dark lion shield around so I will be meeling a lot xp)

As for the equips, aside of the ones I mentioned before, I think I got a 1k hp gmv, but what should I aim for if I only plan to Pve only?
Will I keep using my Lion shield as 4123(or any other build for that matter), or should I get an Hp shield?
Also hats, I think I got AP comped hats, but what about Luck or accuracy in them?

Lastly, I dont think I got more than 1 million in raw money, and I havent played in like 8 months, but I used to make money selling pirates quests drops(forgot the name, one of them was red, and his card was worth like 600k-1 mill)
I wonder if there its a faster way to make money?(anything but drilling please<<)
I am concerned mainly about the 3rd job quest asking for Harkon
I always used to buy some tantal stuff and opals which were around 20--30 mill(the whole package, and this was on jewelia) for a quest which gave harkon, but I dont know if the prices has risen or lowered since then
Help me get a new nature of Sig
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