any tipps?

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User Info: pech_schwefel

9 years ago#1
i beat Road To Hill 30 but this one is much harder. mostly i dont know what to do bcause everytime i wnt to flank a enemy nest the next group of enemies shows up and messes up my strategy. what should i do? and how should i use my both teams correctly? i play on easy and use cheats btw. help me changing this.

User Info: Ragdoll47

9 years ago#2
Don't play with cheats on the first time through the game.
Use your teams to suppress the enemy COMPLETELY and then try to find a blind spot on the enemy.
Most importantly: DON'T PLAY RUN 'n' GUN!

User Info: pech_schwefel

9 years ago#3
thats not new to me. i completed BIA1 this way. but in BIA2 eversthings hardcore to me...anyway i completed it the same day i posted this thread, of course with cheats because it absolutely was no fun. BIA1 was better.

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