game crashes to desktop

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User Info: metroidxfusion

9 years ago#1
whenever i'm about to enter a match. any kind of match. help me, please
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User Info: pizzaboy777

9 years ago#2
I have the same problem, I'm assuming it's because of Vista. Anyone know how to fix it?

User Info: L33TSPEAK

9 years ago#3
Vista isnt the problem....
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User Info: marth8880

9 years ago#4


control panel>sounds and other audio (or something like that)>recording tab>right click and press show disabled devices>enable anything that is disabled

that should fix the problem

User Info: Mastercheif100

9 years ago#5
im havin that problem startin to REALLY hate Vista!!!!!! (wont let me play KOTOR II)

User Info: FoxFire98

9 years ago#6
I dunno what the problem is. Is there a message on the desktop when you crash? Like a FATAL?

And yeah Vista sucks! Downgrade while you still can!

User Info: metroidxfusion

9 years ago#7
^no, it just exits the whole game to the desktop...
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  3. game crashes to desktop

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