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User Info: Jedi_Jack

10 years ago#1
READ FIRST do not post until you see my signature at the bottom.


Backwards Compatibility

There is no Xbox 360 version of Battlefront 2 however, Battlefront 2 does work quite well on the Xbox 360. You have to free download an update however to be able to play Xbox games on the 360, not all games are backwards compatible but a lot are, BFI and BFII being two of them.

Xbox live and Downloadable content:

With Xbox live, you can play with fellow Battlefront 2 players from all over the world, however if the host is using a normal Xbox but you are using a Xbox 360 or vice versa a small glitch occurs with every move you do even as simple as changing weapons or aiming, your player moves slightly to right. This glitch makes a lot of simple things a challenge like sniping for example. Another helpful tip is that unless you have the downloadable content, it is very difficult for you join a game.

The downloadable content has two downloads, the first is a Hero/Villain assault map on Kashyyyk. This is completely free and doesn’t take up much

Xbox live gives the best in gaming, with Battlefront II you can download two files. The first one is free and includes a hero assault for Kashyyyk (similar to Mos Eisley assault) it doesn’t take up much space at all. The second has an additional cost of US$5.00, it is however quite large but in the opinion of most BFII players it is completely worth it. it includes 4 maps from Battlefront 1:

Bespin (Cloud City)

Rhen Var (Harbor)

Rhen Var (Citadel)

and Yavin IV (Arena)

It also makes some maps Hero Assaults, for example once you purchase this download Coruscant can now be a hero assault.

It also has two more heroes for you to use – Kit Fisto, a Jedi General for the Republic, and Asaaj Ventress, a student of the dark side and an operative of the CIS.

User Info: Jedi_Jack

10 years ago#2
You are able to get medals in Battlefront 2 for performing dangerous and difficult tasks but don’t worry, the awards are worth it.

The following was generously donated by MFlynch/Lord Wraithform.


Endurance-12 points in 1 life
Award: Energy Regeneration
Description: Increases your fatigue regeneration rate.

Demolitions-4 vehicle critical hits in 1 life
Award: Guided Rockets
Description: Homing Rockets. Self explanatory.

Guardian-24 points in 1 life
Award: Defensive Increase
Description: Reduces all damage taken.

War Hero-36 points in 1 life
Award: Damage Increase
Description: Increases all damage dealt.

Frenzy-12 kills with blaster rifle in 1 life
Award: Elite Rifle
Description. A burst fire rifle. Normally kills anything short of a hero in 1 shot.

Regulator-8 shotgun kills in 1 life
Award: Flechette Shotgun
Description: Longer range and more damage than the normal shotgun.

Marksman-6 Headshots in 1 life
Award: Elite Sniper Rifle
Description: 1 hit kills with body shots, though head shots seem harder to get.

Technician-1 vehicle slice in 1 life
Award: Vehicle Regeneration
Description: Will regenerate any vehicle your in regardless of class, double regeneration for pilots.

Gunslinger-6 pistol kills in 1 life
Award: Precision Pistol
Description: The most useful of the award weapons, this turns your blaster into a makeshift sniper rifle, good for any class. Also with the gain of the Precision Pistol, if you play as the hero Han Solo and switch to his secondary weapon the fusion cutter and switch back a bug occurs where you are unable to get his original pistol back, you are stuck with his attack-less fusion cutter!

.:Medal Ranks:.

Green-0-Does nothing.

Veteran-4-Allows you to gain rewards for your medals.

Elite-32-Gains you a 25% cost reduction for acquiring medals.

Legendary-64 medals-Allows you to permanently keep your medal awards.

User Info: Jedi_Jack

10 years ago#3
Known Glitches/Bugs in BFII

The following videos have covered almost all the exploits/glitches in BFII.

They were made by the user Mortal_Esteban

Glitchin' About:

Glitchin' About Part II (higher quality)

Glitchin' About Part II (lower quality)

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Glitchin About Part III

Star Wars Battlefront 2: Glitchin About Part IV

User Info: Jedi_Jack

10 years ago#4
Critical Locations:

All vehicles have critical locations that when you hit with an explosive weapon it depletes, at the most, 70% of the vehicle’s health. The critical hit point on vehicles is small part and is hard to hit but it is worth it.

Donated by qban_chief

---Critical Hit Locations for Land Vehicles---

TX-130 Saber-class fighter tank
Description: the oval-shaped symbol on the back panel of the tank.

Armored Assault Tank(AAT)
Description: A large panel located on the reverse-slant backside of the tank.

Anti-Aircraft Combat(AAC) Tank-1
Description: Large, black tubing located on the side of the tank, behind the cockpit.

All Terrain Recon Transport(AT-RT)
Description: black cylinders located in the calves of the walker.

NR-N99 Persuader-class droid enforcer
Description: circle located on the side-bulge at the end of the tank's tread.

IG-227 Hailfire-class droid tank
Description: Needle-like protrusion from under the tank's center-sphere.

All Terrain Scout Transport(AT-ST)
Description: Large, rectangular block located right under the head and between the legs.

OG-9 Homing spider droid
Description: Cylindrical-object close to the body and between its corresponding leg.

All Terrain Tactical Enforcer (AT-TE)
Description: black box located under the walker, close to the front

All Terrain Assault Transport (AT-AT)
Description: Neck of the Walker; looks like gray tubing.

---Critical Hit Locations For Space Transports---

Low Altitude Assault Transport(LAAT)
*Used by both the Republic and the Rebellion
Description: Cockpit

Heavy Missile Platform(HMP)
Description: Large, circular panel located right behind the cockpit.

Theta-class T-2c shuttle
Description: The "neck", located behind and under the cockpit.

User Info: Jedi_Jack

10 years ago#5
Special Thanks to:
Lord Wraithform

User Info: Jedi_Jack

10 years ago#6

User Info: Jedi_Jack

10 years ago#7
No one else bump

User Info: Jedi_Jack

10 years ago#8
Using Cover and Guerilla Tactics

Anything that hides your character, even slightly, is effective in means of keeping you safe. Sometimes, things that seem too small or thin to cover you mass may be overlooked. The purpose of finding effective cover is to give you any amount of protection, no matter how small, and an easy way to retaliate. The difference between “cover” and “shelter” is the ability to fight back from your position. Cover is the area from which you can fight and momentarily escape enemy fire(as most places of cover are easily over-run). Shelter is a place for retreat and recuperation, hopefully away from the enemy and not as easily over-run. I’m not saying that shelter is bad, sometimes your health will be low, and you need a place to recuperate your reserves, not a place to make a last stand in. If shelter is only a short walk away from your place of cover, then by all means, retreat when things get bad, and then return anew. An effective means of cover when holding a position or waiting to advance is a simple corner. One side of the wall, usually facing your team mates is your territory, the other side(the one you stand out of) is the enemy territory, where traffic between foes is heavy. Popping out of your side into theirs’ and shooting is a simple yet effective means of accomplishing to objectives: harassing the enemy and keeping your self safe from harm(mostly). You can expose yourself for as long as you want, a few seconds, or my preferred method…only when they shoot back. This above strategy is usually the way most small skirmishes are handled in small maps.

User Info: Jedi_Jack

10 years ago#9
All of these tips are by qban_chief

Cont. Using Cover and Guerilla Tactics

Guerilla tactics involve ambushes, hit-and-run raids, and basically; catching the enemy off-guard. The keys to success in guerilla warfare are two things: 1) the element of surprise, 2) superior firepower. You can use your map to learn of your enemies’ position but you must keep in mind that as explained above, that the enemy(humans) can use their map to learn of your position as well, possibly adding a new element to a successful ambush: speed. You have to hit em’ hard, and hit em’ fast; fast enough so that they don’t have much of a chance of retaliating, and hard enough to take them out in that one attack. Basically you rinse and repeat after that. Guerilla warfare takes some waiting though, so use this method only when you are in the lead, or you want to disorient the enemy. Being repeatedly ambushed can drive an enemy to a crippling amount of paranoia; not necessarily a good thing. This halts his progress significantly; stopping at any corner, watching his back constantly. This can work against you and with you. Guerilla warfare is best issued in close range, preferably with powerful weapons, such as explosives. Approaching him may be a difficult task, but chances are he’s dropped his long-range defense, making him easy sniper bait. He’s also more liable to ignore the AI(to an extent) making him easily susceptible to a few sneak attacks of their own. To put it simply, prolonged effect will mess with your adversary’s head, making your route to victory easier.

User Info: Jedi_Jack

10 years ago#10
Cont. Using Cover and Guerilla Tactics

The important thing to remember is that each player walks the line between cautiousness and cockiness, and you must learn to balance between the two. When playing a videogame, the player is always presented with a risk; knowing when to take it is what makes a good player. The worst mistake a player can make(and usually the most common…ironically) is to underestimate his opponent. Once you do this, you have passed the line and gone to the extreme of cockiness, which blinds a player of his true abilities. Letting your opponent take a psychological hold of you(believing that you can’t beat him, and you probably never will) pushes you into over-cautiousness; the fear of failure keeps you from playing how you should. Never let you guard down, and never let an enemy get to you; be optimistic, or your fears will over-shadow your true skill and prowess.

.:::Player quote:::.
XBL GT: Elite14

"Like all ideas, there is a downside. Whenever a strategy is made, it can be studied and used against us or be countered. Most plans have no flaws.... the FIRST time they are used. Afterwards they can be studied and countered. The only way a plan can be flawless, or as close to flawless as possible, is if you have good players to carry them out. This is what happens when someone thinks ahead. I think of a plan of action, and then every possible scenario that could come of it, bad or good. The thing that makes a commander is the guts that a commander must have in order to initiate that plan, knowing that in all probability it may fail. In the end he is responsible for the outcome; bad or good."
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