The Official Abandoned Cantina

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User Info: Blitzkrieg_1996

5 years ago#141

*serves shots and denies credits*

we dont accept those here. shots on the house. comes with free deathsticks

User Info: Lord_Humungus

5 years ago#142
I'll buy a round of green milk for the whole bar in honor of St. Patricks Day!

*ignites green lightsaber and flourishes it like a drunken parade leader with a baton*

And i'll take a "Mos Eisley Car Bomb" as well....
I maintain my lawn through sheer intimidation.
XBL: Lord Humungus70

User Info: Master Mind

Master Mind
5 years ago#143
He's coming around.
I could out-smart CSI. I could out-smart YOU.

User Info: Blitzkrieg_1996

5 years ago#144

*shoots the dude mentioned*

no he's not, and you lost a command post, fight for it

User Info: Void_Master

5 years ago#145

*voice rises heroically from within the cantina vents*

I for one, will not fight for it, nor will any of the soldiers who serve under me, until we know what we're fighting for. I will not throw away lives for the sake of turning a red light on a disk blue. I need to know why we need that light blue. What does that accomplish? When that question is answered, then I'll fight.

*continues crawling through the vents*

User Info: Kcrone1988

5 years ago#146
I agree I kinda like the red's pretty

**steals green milk from behind bar and drinks stealthily**
Horses - Dangerous at both ends crafty in the middle!
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User Info: Blitzkrieg_1996

5 years ago#147

*pulls out precision pistol and aims warningly at Kcrone1988*

you better pay or ill make you pay

User Info: Bloodshot_15

5 years ago#148
*Yet to be noticed in corner*

GT: Bloodshot110506
Catastrophic system failure... Initiating core shutdown as per emergency initiative 2682209... I that democracy may live...

User Info: ThunderCavalier

5 years ago#149
*walks into cantina* Hey guys, I'm back!

*notices current standoff*

... *backs out of cantina*
This sig will self-destruct in 3.... 2.... 1.... Thank you for your time. Cookie? ^_^

User Info: The_Exile77

5 years ago#150
*walks in*

It's been a long time...
"It's too bad she won't live.... Then again, who does?"
Gamertag: INSAN3 EXILE
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