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User Info: r0xm2n

6 years ago#1
*Casts Life2 on this board*

I just began playing this game again.

Had a somewhat very lucky escape. I was playing one of the challenge games, the one where you drive a lv1 police cruiser in heat level4, and have to evade 6 spikestrips.
I took the chase to one of the highways, and by the time I evaded 6 strips, I was in the downtown rockport area. But to complicate things, backups had arrived.

My plan was to drive through a bunch of pursuit breakers and lose/disable almost all of the pursuit vehicles, then duck into the tunnel for a surefire escape. But that's when the undercover GTO's decided to really mess with me, and I barely escaped getting busted a number of times. Nevertheless, I shook off all but one of them.

Went into the tunnel (losing the helicopter), and lured the 1 pursuing police car into the pursuit breaker. Then I 180'd and started to go towards the nearby hiding spot....
And that's when another cruiser spotted me!

Damned cruiser must have respawned behind me in the tunnel.

Without any semblance of strategy now, I dashed back out the tunnel. That's when backups arrived ... again. AND it went to heat 5...

"I am so F*****d!" I thought out loud...

Somewhat starting to panic slightly, I took the route out of downtown towards the bus station, picking that route more because of it being the nearest pursuit breaker, and less because I had a plan (I had no plan actually).

I hit the pursuit breaker (disabling at least 5 cars), and approach the bus station. Somehow at this time, I'm only being pursued by 1 vehicle, and no chopper.

At the bus station, I made a wrong turn, and hit the side of a bus. And I glanced down .... and noticed by Evade meter was somehow, yet quickly filling!

Then I looked back up the screen, and made the split second decision to hide behind the bus station!
My stupid police cruiser almost made a donut, but I got it behind the bus station and entered cooldown.

I looked at the radar, and that lone police cruisher was still on the radar, and was pretty much on the opposite side of the station to me, and pretty close too. But it never moved at all.

Cooldown actually went by without incident. So I escaped!

All in all, that was a very bizarre and lucky escape. I still don't know how I effectively lost 25 backup units in a minute with only 1 pursuit breaker...
This has been another (probably) uselessly informative post, by me. Booyah!
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