The Fall of the King.

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User Info: Tooon

8 years ago#1
So I just got to this mission and can't figure out how to win. I start the mission off normally and head to the town up north. I follow that the Faqs on this website said and capture it on the 7th day. Right after that I fail the mission because I haven't saved Izabel... Either I'm missing something completely or somethings wrong.

User Info: wen_kai168

8 years ago#2
There's a prison right next to Dumoor. You need to rescue Isabel from that within 7 days too.
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User Info: sigma_1932

8 years ago#3
FTR, it says "within" 7 days... not "on" the 7th day.

***minor spoiler***
You'll wanna capture the town as fast as possible anyway to allow a few days to build some structures as you'll be attacked by an inferno hero with a substantial army a few days later.
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User Info: kidflash2k5

8 years ago#4
On that same mission, where can I find the tears of Asha? I assume that I don't have to look at all the obelisks for the tears to be there, and I've been trying to get all the obelisks for a week now. No matter how I do it, the demon armies get too strong by the time I get to the last obelisk.
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User Info: sigma_1932

8 years ago#5
The location of the tear is generally random, so we can't really tell you where it is exactly. You don't have to find all the obelisks to find the Tear, but you do have to figure out where the puzzle map is showing you to go (which is always dead center of the puzzle map, and the top of the puzzle map is always north, so make sure your camera is facing the right way), then you dig at that spot.

Note that it takes a full day's movement to dig, not just the remaining parts. You can't have moved and still be able to dig on the same day.
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User Info: kazakauskas

8 years ago#6
sorry , but i didnt understand about puzzle map. so i need where army going in puzzle map ? and will there be some mark where i need to dig ?

User Info: sigma_1932

8 years ago#7
Not sure what you're asking about the army, but the spot you need to dig at is shown by an icon on the puzzle map that'll show when you reveal the last piece of the map (the icon will always be in the exact center of the puzzle map).

You need to compare what you see in the puzzle map to what you see on the adventure map while exploring, then dig at the spot on the adventure map that corresponds to where the icon appears on the puzzle map.
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User Info: kazakauskas

8 years ago#8
Oh, thank you :)

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