Getting an Ultimate Skill

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User Info: MightyOrange

8 years ago#1
Hello! I am working on the necromancer campaign in an un-updated version of the game. I am about level 24, but the next time i level I will be given two choices, intelligence and master of mind magic (the dark magic skill which improves confusion and such)(i know because i leveled, didnt like what i saw and reloaded a previous game). Neither of these are a prerequisite for the ultimate skill, and i need all 3 enlightenment and dark magic spots to get it.

Am i sunk?

And can anyone tell me how the game selects skills to be available when you level up?

User Info: sigma_1932

8 years ago#2
1. First off, which version of the game are you playing? If you're playing the Original + HoF, you may be looking at the wrong skill tree-- the skillwheel at Celestial Heavens is for version 3.0 and later only-- i.e. ToE and later. Use the requirements listed at for anything earlier than v3.0.

2. At level up, you're given 4 skill choices... the two on the left are main skills, and the two on the right are always "perks" (sub-skills).

The main skills will always be one upgrade of a main skill you already have and one new main skill unless you already have 6 main skiills (including your racial skill), in which case you'll get two upgrades (level of the upgrade doesn't matter). Note that the chance of a particular main skill showing up is weighted based on your faction (i.e. Warlocks will be offered Destructive Magic more often than Haven will be, etc.).

Any perk that has it's requirements met will show up with an equal chance regardless of it's respective main skill. A perk's requirements are not only the direct prequisites (i.e. must have this perk to get this other perk), and that an extra level of the perk's respective main skill is needed for each perk you'll be offered in a given skill (i.e. If you have Basic Enlightenment and pick up Scholar, you won't be offered another Enlightenment perk until you have Advanced Enlightenment, and then the same rule applies again with Expert level and the third perk). You may be offered only one perk, or none at all, if all your allowed perk slots are filled (i.e. if all your skills are on basic level, and you already have one perk for each, you won't be offered any perks at level up, just a new main skill/upgrade, or two upgrades)

All of this means you have limited control of what will show up by the main skill choices you make. For starters if you only take the basic version of a skill until you have a total of 6, then you'll be guaranteed to get only those main skills' upgrades at level up (until they're all at expert level, at which point you'll only be offered the two perks) giving you some "outs" in a way if two perks you don't want show up.

Perks are a little more complicated. If you only advance your main skills after you choose your perks, there will be less of a pool of possible perks being offered at level ups. For example, if you're playing necro, and have Basic Necromancy, Basic Dark Magic, Basic Enlightenment, and Basic summoning magic (all on necro's ToE ultimate path), and you pick up Eternal Servitude(Necromancy), Scholar(Enlightenment), and Master of Life(Summoning), then you'll be guaranteed to be offered 2 of the "Master of" perks from Dark Magic on the next level-up since the first slot has already been filled for all your other skills, and since they're all at basic level, each only allows one slot. Granted, that works a whole lot better early on in the game when you have fewer main skills, but still, it's something to keep in mind.
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