Tear of Asha in Dungeon "Expansion" Campain

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User Info: bigteezy3400

5 years ago#1
In the quest "Expansion" I cannot for the life of my find the tear of asha....I have about 20 at least holes in the ground just trying to find it. Can somebody help me. Here is the picture

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User Info: sigma_1932

5 years ago#2
The location of Tears of Asha are generally random. If I had a copy of the map I could probably point out where it is from your puzzle map screenshot, but I don't.

Regardless, it'll help if you orient your view to due-north (the top of the puzzle map is always due north), then tilt the camera so it's as "birds-eye" (i.e. pointing straight down) as you can get it, and then zoom almost all the way in since the puzzle map is a pretty tight area.

There should only be one place where the 4 major landmarks of the puzzle map are found all together:
1. that specific arrangement of 3 dead trees (middle-bottom of the puzzle map).
2. a diagonal path that runs from southwest to northeast with another path running off to the east from the northeast end of the diagonal path shown in the puzzle map.
3. a single leafy tree to the left of the diagonal path.
4. mountainous rocks on both sides of the diagonal path.

If you can't find the right area you might need to reveal more of the map.

Once you've found the correct area, pay attention to the directions it gives you when you dig ("it's somewhere to the <cardinal direction>")... then move exactly one space that direction and dig again until you've found the right spot.
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