vejas jungle question

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User Info: sonicgold

9 years ago#1
what level should i be around when going through this all my characters are around 37 but i will go through the jungle and by the time i hit the temple i will be out of mp and there are no healing save points
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User Info: Alex_Masterson

9 years ago#2
By the time I cleared the jungle and the temple and the boss fight, my characters were all level 33, so level 37 should be plenty. Oh, and if you have not gone into the temple yet, it is a dungeon and does not go directly to the boss fight. There is a save point right inside, but I do not remember if it restores you also.

User Info: Seph1roth5

9 years ago#3
I juuuuuuuust finished up the jungle place, I think I was around 33-34 too. The enemies were a lot stronger than I expected though, I couldn't take them all out with a crackle fang anymore. No restoring save points isn't too big a problem, you can always stock up on MP items from the casino. I forgot to do that though (figured there'd be at least ONE restoring save point heh) so I had to keep switching around who I had meditation on (restores 40mp when you defend if you have the right book on) and trying to keep everyone's MP up. I thought the 4 guardians you fight (like the ones in the desert ruins) were a lot easier, since they're immune to magic basically and not physical attacks. Also, it's a lot easier to fight them 1 at a time, where in the ruins they just all rushed you. I'd recommend just smacking the gorilla-looking enemies in the temple and running by them though, heh they're pretty damn strong.

User Info: CyberEarth

9 years ago#4
The gorillas can be menacing, especially since they fire off their special really fast. It's difficult to cancel that, and it hits for 500-900 dmg. For a lot of people, that can mean an instant death. Either use quick aoe type attacks to burn them down, or just avoid them. They don't have anything particularly strong in terms of xp/gold/drops.

User Info: Likenoother503

9 years ago#5
I just did the jungle and the temple at lvl 26 :/
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User Info: Riveller

9 years ago#6
I am stuck in this terrible jungle with low MP and not a single recover save point around.

Gosh! I think they did this to make the game harder but it just make the game boring.

i don't know when I'll be able to leave this forest! :´(

Someday the next great emigration will occur.

User Info: NSGraphite

9 years ago#7
shoulda saved your MP items (White Sulphur?) I have 9 of them.

User Info: spaceagesisig

9 years ago#8
I hope you have the meditation skill, it'll save you a lot of MP trouble.. If you dont have it, i suggest you go back to town and extract it from a skill book (not sure if you can buy this). Vejas jungle isn't really that difficult. You should wait till you fight the last boss... talk about cheap!

User Info: corodio8

9 years ago#9
My solution to that problem was running away from / avoiding every battle i could and ONLY fighting ones that were more or less forced (golem sentries, bastards). I managed to make it though jungle and temple at about lvl 15.
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