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User Info: Holy_Blader

9 years ago#1
I just finished the game and the ending like doesnt tell you anything, what happens to Yuki's mom, does she know she has a grandson, what does Ulf do after everything, and is Schmidt still alive?
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User Info: Zeryus

9 years ago#2

This game leaves a lot unanswered, the guy in the blue armor, I forgot his name right now... he's never mentioned again, actually, neither his mom nor Alonso are ever seen again either

User Info: Master_Gamer

9 years ago#3
Yeah, the lack of depth in this ending is especially crappy when you look at Grandia 2 allwing you to interact with NPCs to ask about the "fixed" world.
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User Info: Sealedforce

9 years ago#4
it'S because they didn't want to finish this pile of garbage...

well they killed grandia for me....g1 and 2 were perfect...

but that'S next gen ;)

garbage garbage garbage...

User Info: CyberEarth

9 years ago#5
Meh, the battle system is nearly perfect. The graphics are gorgeous. The land is nice, and there's no random encounters. I had fun playing it. Grandia games have been notorious for easy (VERY EASY) final bosses. At least this one was challenging somewhat.

So... there's a lot of plot holes. Welcome to FF7? Oh wait, that was a "masterpiece", right?

User Info: Scrooge_McDuck

9 years ago#6
There is a difference between plot holes in a game with plot depth and plot holes in a games without plot depth.

User Info: CyberEarth

9 years ago#7
But this game had some depth. It just had no follow-through.

The ending sucked. The lack of interaction between Alonso and Miranda sucked after they vanish from the main story.

The story was decent. It wasn't weak, like many claim. I've seen much weaker stories in RPGs that got higher ratings. The graphics are good for being a PS2 title, and the battle system is decent as well. The sounds are decent, so is the music.

Where's the problem? Oh wait, there's some plot holes. And some unanswered questions at the end. FF7 anyone? Enjoy the game for what it is. Speak to the townspeople. You can do it 2-3 times with changing dialog. Their interaction adds a lot to the story and main character (mostly only Yuki interacts with them, but sometimes other characters do). That doesn't happen very often, even in RPGs today. It was short, granted, but it was longer than Xtreme. And you can pick it up now for like $30.00.

Overall, I'd give this game a 7/10. It's nowhere near as bad as people make it out to be.

User Info: Mizumon

9 years ago#8
There are fundamentally many things wrong with Grandia III, most of which have been mentioned here already.

I just hope that, despite the lackluster sales, that we'll still see the day in which Grandia IV will make a triumphant return for the series... Or, well, at least tide us over for a V, which could hopefully be better.
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User Info: spaceagesisig

9 years ago#9
Grandia's plot doesnt even come close to FF7's. I agree with Scrooge Mcduck, "There is a difference between plot holes in a game with plot depth and plot holes in a games without plot depth." Grandia, though a decent RPG, has pretty much 0 plot depth. The momenth Gryph spewed it's LOVE speech on alfina, the game's pretty much a goner.

I have to defend FF7 . I can't stand why CyberEarth hates that game so much. Didn't understand what happened in the ending? It seemed pretty clear to me. Try googling it, there are a lot of discussions about FF7's plot in the net.

Granted, it's plot wasn't that solid. But it's more of due to complexity which created a lot of discussions among gamers. There are some parts in FF7 that the average gamer wont comprehend immidiately which isn't due to plot holes.

In the end, Grandia 3 is an OK rpg. It isn't as bad as people make it to be, but it's damn nearly close to what they're saying.
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