OMG Grandia 1 is being remade...

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User Info: mrnolife87

9 years ago#1
I wish. lol I'm just trying to liven up the board but it would be awesome if grandia 1 was remade with upgraded graphics and battle system.

User Info: Riveller

9 years ago#2
Gosh! I thought it was real! :þ

I have yet to play the game in english since I do own the Saturn version in japanese only.

Someday the next great emigration will occur.

User Info: Bull422

9 years ago#3
A remake might be nice but I would just prefer a Grandia IV using the battle system similar to Grandia Xtreme (with any needed improvements) and a story much better than the disappointing one in Grandia III.
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User Info: AccountName

9 years ago#4
;O got my hopes up
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User Info: kemuri_recon

9 years ago#5
i gotta say after my eyes were opened by ff7 back in the day..i had an impulse to get the next fix and grandia 1 was up there ...i liked the storyline ..didnt finish it but will get back into it soon again hopefully

User Info: Knowname

9 years ago#6
To me G1's battle system is the unchallenged champion.
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User Info: mrnolife87

9 years ago#7
same. I really would enjoy a remake though, with graphics of Grandia III and battle system.

User Info: wolflordrufus

9 years ago#8
I d be happy if they just ported it onto the ds :P Then i could spam lv stats for hours at end while not at home
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