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User Info: DarkTidus275

9 years ago#1
Picked this game up when it first came out, and almost instantly I fell in love with Yuki's mom. My mind went "Sweet an RPG where son and mother go about kicking monster ass" then she runs off with some guy I dunno nothing about and Yuki's all like "Later." WTF? Then I check around hoping to see them again (ingame and on boards such as this) Nope, never again, they exist no longer. Why? She was already my favorite character the moment I watched her in the opening CG. Yuki was tolerable because of her.

Lets not get on the elf chick lady whatever her name is.

Ulf I think is his name... the kid with the morning star, Loved him, fresh character he was cool, and even the chick with the cards. Anyway... This game for some reason annoys me and I cant finish it... I make it to the part where you fight that masked guy and his undead dragon... and just cant do it anymore. Note that I've played the game since it came out like 4 times, thinking I'm just being an ass about minor things.

Am I being an ass? XD
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User Info: shiva

9 years ago#2
Lol, if you don't like it and thus don't feel like finishing it, you're not being an ass, that's called being reasonable.

And by the way, I like the game a lot (especially for the fact that the game changes for the better what I though were the combat flaws of G1&2, Melc Crystals fight alone was worth playing the game for me). Anyway, from that point on, you are about two dungeons away from beating the game. And if you beat the Melc Crystals, I don't see any other boss that could possibly prevent you from beating it. Up to you.
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