Your level when you 1st reach Baccula

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User Info: kairij

9 years ago#1
I was level 49 when i reach baccula and the man standing near the exit said that i stay away with the dessert Lord when i saw it i fight with it and i killed it without scratches wtf... Just Dragon Slash (if your lucky you will kill it in 1 hit 18000+ damage lol) or combo with dynamyte rush with ULF...... EZ..

im level 75 now before coming to Vejas Jungle coz my CD was crap. it wouldnt load when i tried going in this jungle...

i already got the master book...with 800000+ medal...

anyone who would share their disc two to me ^^ i greatly appreciate it..

maybe id level 99 after 1 week killing the monster [before you back in baccula settlement]...
the path that was block at the westside of the baccula.. those monster drop power seed that gives +3 attack.... too bad becoz i only got 2 seeds after killing them million times.. im haunting for the seeds also for exp..

User Info: zaqxswcdef

9 years ago#2
i was just level 30 is like WTF your level is sooo freaking high

User Info: Weaponexpert

9 years ago#3
30 is also a bit high.18-25 will suffice.
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User Info: Amadeus_451

9 years ago#4
You, my friend, are either hooked on some kind of cheating device OR have waaaaaay too much time on your hands.

Either way, at least you're not swearing at your t.v. screen like I am over how ridiculous the game is getting. I'm level 35-36 and about to head to Surmania.
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User Info: skinwalker_jax

9 years ago#5
I just got there this morning and my group is 19-20.

User Info: zaqxswcdef

9 years ago#6
hey hey amadeus_451 i aint using no cheat i just keep fighting that stupid desert lord.

User Info: kairij

9 years ago#7
I didnt use any cheat LOL my gameplay was about 85 hours more or less i think.. if i got a USB for PS2 i will save it here so you can see it ^^... im a hardcore player lol since i played FFVII i played it for the whole year DISC 1 level 99 with full str = 255 and VIT =255 for all character..

i also got the omnislash disc 1... hahaha

i always played with an hour more than 100+hours or like always 99:59:59 it wont move anymore LOLZ hahahha...

for this game i was haunting for power seed coz i need it for ATK + 3 i want the boss to be 1 hitkill GG...

cheat = for NOOB....
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