Why isn't Grandia IV announced yet?

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User Info: Izmejojo

7 years ago#11
Grandia 1 was on the Saturn? I miss having it for my PS1. And if those are only the Japan sales, than the NA sales have to boost that number even higher.
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User Info: The Hunter

The Hunter
7 years ago#12
If I remember correctly, I recall reading somewhere about a year ago that Game Arts was currently working on an on-line Grandia game. I believe it was from an article posted on RPGFan.
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User Info: paralyzed21

7 years ago#13
first off, shadowheartsfan was wrong. the stories in all of them are amazing.

second, of course it was on the saturn. that was its original release system. in fact, there were 2 grandias on the saturn. grandia and grandia digital museum.

and yes, grandia online is true. im not sure if it's out yet or if it is still in the beta, but i do know the beta has been out since july of 09. just hoping it'll come to the states.

and theyre not going to release grandia 4 on the wii. not even close. if anything, it will be on the ps3 exclusively. they have had ties with sony ever since sega went out. obviously since they ported g2 to the ps2 and released the next 2 games on the ps2 only. the only thing nintendo had w/ grandia was parallel trippers on the gbc, but that was a totally different branch that made it.

User Info: enigmamj

7 years ago#14
I am not sure I would agree that Grandia 3 had an amazing story. Fun battle system, but the story and lack of side-quests dropped the game down a bit in my opinion. Still an enjoyable game though.

Not sure though that they will make a game exclusive for the ps3. That would limit the sales quite a bit in the US and Europe. Perhaps a multi-plat game would be my guess.
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