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User Info: Tenchi UK

Tenchi UK
7 years ago#1
i would like to try this game but wondered a few things.

i heared the story in this game is bad, i just wondered how bad.

im more interested in gameplay than story in rpgs but sometimes when a games story and characters are sop unlikable they intrude on the games experience i feel like id rather have little story at all.

one thing that put me off star ocean 4 was that the characters were all so whiny and it seemed like every single one of them had some 'tragic past' which just felt forced onto you to make you feel sorry for them.
star ocean 2 for example the story took a backseat and the game felt more lighthearted and not overly serious.

Grandia 1s characters i found apealing and likable , 2 i dont remember quite so well but they werent offensively bad so it was all fine.
how would this stack up to the worst rpg plots/characters.

the review says the game is short, for me lenght of an rpg is relative as a shorter game with allot of locations that you visit can feel longer and more"epic" than a long game set around a small area.

on the subject of areas how do the towns stack up to the first 2 games and is there an okay ammount of them., i had fun running around the first 2 games towns and looking in peoples houses etc.

thankyou in advance.
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User Info: JohnathanSawyer

7 years ago#2
I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy Grandia III.

1) The story isn't TOO bad, it's pretty good in the first disc, but once you get to disc two, it kind of just trails off and there's nothing special about how it goes on to wrap up and end. It's nothing that will deter you though! The game's pretty lighthearted, the most annoying of the characters disappear after the first few hours. I'm a bit partial to the Grandia series, so I won't trash it, since I've enjoyed each Grandia several times, including Xtreme, which I found the most fun.

2) Well... it's sort of short with only a few locations, but the battle system definitely keeps you interested! I spent at least 30 hours fighting, but as I said before, I'm hooked on Grandia's battle system. You could probably stretch 40-50 hours out of this game if you like to fight, it's probably normally 20-30 if you spend just a little time fighting and AREN'T a leveling freak like me!

3) There aren't very many towns, but I love the Grandia series in the way that the NPC's in the towns are never short of words, and always seem to make the game more enjoyable! You'll still get to do that too.

All in all, I'd say this is my least favorite of 1-3, but that's not exactly a bad thing; I think it's a great game, but 2 was better, and 1 was impossibly amazing.

The game is also pretty linear, but just to make sure that you don't miss anything, you may want to take a look at my FAQ/Walkthrough or follow it straight through to get everything. Enjoy the game!
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User Info: Tenchi UK

Tenchi UK
7 years ago#3
thanks, about 3 hours in and so far im impressed, the battle system seems deep and im still learning new things.

from the town list on the grandia wiki it seems theres a reasonable amount of towns at least more than some recent rpgs and i had lots of fun exploring the first one... no info on the areas but thats good as appart from just having an idea on the areas is good enough without ruining the game

not too bothered by the story, its just sort of there to drive the game along for more battling.

one thing i am really impressed with is the areas, ive only been to 1 town and 2 main areas but theyre all gorgeous, ive found myself taking in the scenery quite a few times. Music is nice so far, the music when exploring is relaxing and the battle theme is nice and doesnt seem to get annoying or intrusive.

Overall so far its really enjoyable and im getting that "Nice Rpg feel" i get from rpgs i enjoy.
thankyou for answers.
Everyday the fluffy temptation of wheat
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User Info: Izmejojo

7 years ago#4
The scenery is beautiful in this game. I'll give it that. The music isn't bad either. The only place that really annoys me music wise is the desert place. Oh how I hate that music....
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User Info: gildedtalon

7 years ago#5
I love the battle system in this game, timing your attacks accordingly are real awesome
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