Blade Storm

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User Info: FinalFLuver

6 years ago#1
K is there a reason why this attack is so crap?

im currently fighting mother breed and i cast WOW on yuki then used this on the boss, it totalled 576?

the next turn i had him attack (combo) and he hit for a total of 498

blade storm currently only has a P and S, will this move get significantly stronger later or not? like is it worth leveling up?

cause if i simply equip berserker and then use flash, hell do more damage with regular combos then with his blade storm special move.............its too bad really, cause the special looks so cool, but it does terrible damage, not worth the 50 SP in my opinion, as you get more damage done with flash 25 SP

also how does berserker work? i have it equipped but with no increase in the skill power, and im doing 3 combo hits now. If i increase the skill power with a book, will i be doing 4 hits, 5 hits??

User Info: RED_ODA

6 years ago#2
Max it out before jumping into conclusions. the 2nd P gives +80% damage and the 3rd gives +140% boost.

Combos also can be delayed and miss if Yuki is hit while he is attacking while Blade Storm cannot miss once it started.

All moves in this game are good for something.
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User Info: FinalFLuver

6 years ago#3
well i was pretty early on in the game at this point, so i was just wondering if it got better, 140% huh, i didnt know exactly what the increase in power was going to be, but that sounds nice

i finished the game a couple days ago, and by that time i did have the ultimate method learned, and you're right, its a significant improvement...........add the spirit sword and its VERY nice :)

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