next action...........??????

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User Info: FinalFLuver

5 years ago#1
is there an explanation as to why some times when you put the cursor over the enemy to check its next action, it says "???????????"

its so annoying, im fighting (trying) lucky minks right now and i JUST beat him to the "command" line so i check his next action and it says "?????"

ARGGHHH!! i need to know if hes going to run or not

i just dont understand why this happens sometimes cause usually before an enemy even reaches the command line, its next action is already viewable.

the stupid mink is PASSED the command line and is actually about to ACT, but it STILL says "??????". I can use a cancel attack but i dont want to if i dont have to, why cant i see what its about to do

is there a known cause in this game for why the enemy can HIDE their action??

User Info: FinalFLuver

5 years ago#2
for some reason, Ulf and Alfina cant see the stupid minks actions?

dahna and yuki have no problems seeing the next actions?

at first i thought i had to do with levels but Ulf is the highest level, so it still doesnt make sense

im currently on my 40th attempt at beating these stupid things, ive tried everything, even giving yuki berserker/flash/runner........but the stupid mink evades ALL his hits, im sick and tired of seeing "SWAY" constantly as yuki swings away, this is so stupid

User Info: RED_ODA

5 years ago#3
I never thought about searching for info about this stuff. But yes, this is annoying, very annoying.
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User Info: Babyrichy

5 years ago#4
I think this happens to create the effect that you don't always know what the enemy is doing, but I dunno.

But for this instance, I would highly recommend multi-hit magic instead of using normal attacks.

User Info: LonelyRonso

5 years ago#5
I discovered a pretty cool Loop.

1-> Kill Lucky mink, mimic and x4 red beast at melc
2-> Kill Forest Protector x8 at Vejas
3-> Fill up Orb and SP bars at Randoto
4-> Do 1

To kill a lucky mink, use Unama's orb. Then SPAM CRACKLE!
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