i though i would love this game

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User Info: Darkneo20

5 years ago#1
grandia II on the dreamcast with ryudo as the main charector was great and it has good battle music and animations too

just started grandia III today and i dont like the music it has and leveling seems slow ...... does it get any better or was grandia II the better game ?
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User Info: Fabled_Legend

5 years ago#2
The games initial plot as you seen so far is about Yuki's dream to fly like his hero and thus meets up with Alfina and the plot changes somewhat off the scale that lack Grandia 1&2 's appeal.

I say stick with it a few hours, if you still find it a bit of a bore, then understandly you find both the story and battle system a chore, there is nothing that will pick up if it lost its appeal to you at the start.
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User Info: RED_ODA

5 years ago#3
The battle system is the best, so if you like it just keep playing for the battle system.
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User Info: drclaeys

5 years ago#4

Sometimes comparing one game to another, is unfair. if you really like a game, it seems like nothing ever lives up to it.

A great example FFX and FFX-2. Shadow Hearts, Xenosaga. Etc.

Play this game for its self. It has some cute parts, some good characters, and some excitment.

I like to grind when I can. There are some HARD parts, that you say WTF. Where did that come from. so when grinding is easy. I take advantage of it.

give it a chance. its a good game, and can stand on its own feet.

Good luck.
Dr. Darrell of Michigan.
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