Questions before starting the game

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User Info: EvelynEvelyn

4 years ago#1
After a couple of years I decided to pick this game up after deleting the data because I forgot what was even going on.

I know Grandia II didnt really require a walkthrough, but does this game need to or straight forward?

Are there any missable items?

And any tips?

Thanks for any help.

User Info: RED_ODA

4 years ago#2
There are some items that only enemies drops. These enemies are found only in places that become unreachable once you pass certain story events.

I recommend using at least a item guide if you want to get everything, specially skill books and mana eggs, since some skill books are unique and contain valuable skills in it.

My youtube Channel :

User Info: ugge85

4 years ago#3
edit: whoops, wrong Grandia!
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