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User Info: dondavelly

3 years ago#1
Ho! Any1 got any good ones for this game?

User Info: RED_ODA

3 years ago#2
I have some. Check out my youtube channel, for Lucky Mink, All characters parameters maxed and final boss in one round:
My youtube Channel :

User Info: dondavelly

3 years ago#3
Impressive video I guess, whateva possessed u to go old McDonald farmin for da seeds to get
max stats when u could just hack em in wit da actionreplay ???! Yoe just really bored,right?

So, how much dmg could you do to dat ol zorndog wit dragon-wats it mecalled wit gambler sword?
Have you tried seeing if you could actually "break the dmg. cap" 99,999 ? That's somthin ive never tried, but if it exists, it might be possible to beat HIM in 1 HIT!
Unlikely though,i know but still gotta dream right?

Forgot how much hp he got but I know it was over 100k. :(
Other videos were fantastic too.well, the ones I did watch (didn't have time to catch'em all ya know?
not to long not to short,just what I want from a youtube video-facts AND entertainment.
You sir, have nailed that.Unfortunately I my speakers are goin like j-lows voice rite now so
I couldn't hear ur voice ( if you had offered any commentary) I didn't hear it.alls well as ends well

Alls im sayin is y don't u n I make nice?
Schelle cuts down drunk...

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