I'm going to have 2,000 kids in the game.

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User Info: PrimalMetal

9 years ago#1
How about you? I shall repopulate the world with my spawn. Hopefully there will be no limit.

User Info: Miestermika

9 years ago#2
You'll be the next Genghis Khan!
"Well, you see, we're American, so we try to make things as confusing and non-sensical as possible. "-Megalink286

User Info: Lightliquid

9 years ago#3
Have a kid, kill the wife, get a new wife, and then repeat?
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User Info: emptycupofjoe

9 years ago#4
can you say incest.

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User Info: dty426

9 years ago#5
That sounds like a fun weekend.
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User Info: IronJin

9 years ago#6
Anyone know how many wives can you have at once?

User Info: FantasyLogic

9 years ago#7
^ Guessing there's no limit.
Who wants flowers when you're dead? Nobody.

User Info: IronJin

9 years ago#8
But Fable 1 limited you to 1 wife per town, so I was wondering if it would be the same, hence getting 2000 kids would be impossible.

User Info: Death_Grunty

9 years ago#9

No other man shall have a woman or family.... okay, maybe not.
Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia- the fear of long words.

User Info: from_da_east

9 years ago#10
i see i guess your chacter will start the spread of STD's
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  3. I'm going to have 2,000 kids in the game.

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